10 Things You’ll Only Know If You Have Long Hair

When you have long hair, I guarantee you’ll wish at least 5 times a week that your hair was short. Short hair? You’ll be lusting after long locks for the foreseeable. Why is it no one is ever happy with what they have? Hair probably is one of the major defining features of your face, so it’s fairly acceptable to want to chop and change more than you have hot dinners. But do you know what gets me? Girls who WISH they had long hair, like gurrrrll you literally know nothing. Sure, long hair is pretty damn nice, but until you have Rapunzel esque hair you really don’t know what you’re letting yourself in for. I certainly wouldn’t wish these 10 things on anyone with short hair, but if like me you have super long hair, you’ll probably 100% relate to these!

1. Is your hair real? Yep, pretty sure the last time I checked I was and I didn’t have any skanky hair extensions falling out of my hair. Biggest insult or flattery? It’s a grey area, but you will still be asked this and be marveled at with ‘wow your hair is so long’ or ‘has it always been that long?’ at least 10 times a day.

2. Split ends? Black roots growing? The normal kind of things you look for when you know you’re due a haircut. But when you have long hair it’s a whole different ball game. Being able to sit on your hair warrants for a haircut, and let’s not talk about when your hair starts brushing the toilet seat – that is a public emergency.

3. Doing the washing up is a military operation. You can NEVER wear your hair down. No one likes hair congealed with dirty washing up water, or finding stray hairs stuck to what you thought were clean plates. We’ve all been there. The best coping mechanism? Buy a dishwasher.

4. Despite having such long hair and having endless possibilities for what you could do with it, you end up wearing it up everyday instead. Cut the hassle, cut the tangles and cut the time. The high bun, french plaits, halo braid are your go to’s. 

5. You always wear your hair down on nights out because, if you’ve got it flaunt it right? Besides the endless compliments, you suddenly regret the idea when you’re crammed into a sweaty nightclub at 1am. Repeatedly having to mop the back of your neck from the sweat and wondering whether it’s possible to have heat exhaustion from hot, heavy hair. But we’ll still continue to wear our hair down for every night out.

6. Plaits are a girls best friend when you have long hair, the possibility for it to still look pretty and tangle free. But ever tried doing a french plait or anything else fancy on long hair? I imagine it’s similar to having 2 rounds of a chest or arms session. Those arms ache for dayyyyys.

7. Remember when high pony tails were in fashion? They looked so so cute at the start of the day as your hair was so long, but by the end of the day you’d legit be nursing bruises and a headache from the weight that your poor scalp had to withstand. 

8. Oh, the tangles. And this is the main reason why I practically always wear my hair up, the tangles. Wear your hair down for 8 hours at work, your hair will slowly become matted to the back seat of your desk chair. Decide to curl your hair with a chopstick curler and not brush it for 3 days? Just pass me the scissors. And it wouldn’t be complete without tantrums and vowing to shave/cut all your hair off at least once a week.

9. Your hair gets EVERYWHERE. The shower practically backs up every time you take a shower as a hair ball formulates in the plug area. The vacuum cleaner continually gets clogged up with your hair, and they get stuck everywhere. Gap in a door handle? That will snag as you pass. Zipping up your handbag? Say goodbye to 10 more hairs. But when it comes to preparing food you’re ultra careful that your hairs don’t end up in the food, there really is nothing worse than spotting a stray hair in your soup VOM.

10. When you eventually do make it to the hairdressers, 2 years and 2 months later, you ask for the tiniest trim that is humanely possible. Feeling guilty that you’ve just betrayed your hair, everyone thinks your hair looks the same length, but NO let me just stop you there. It’s sooo different, it’s possibly the shortest it’s ever looked, and you vow to never set foot back in the hairdressers again.

Can you relate to any of these?

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