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When I was younger, I wanted everything BUT to live in Plymouth. My ambitions and goals for my future were far too big for such a small city, and I grew bored of doing the same things each weekend. I never appreciated the small things in life back then, we never do when we’re young and are just dreaming about our next milestone. When we’re 14 we want to be 16, we then want to be 18 and we then want to be at uni. Before you know it you’re 30, up to your eyeballs in stress, have 10 dogs, one kid and you wish for nothing but to be young again. 

It wasn’t until I’d spent 3 years away at Southampton and in Finland that I realised just how great Plymouth was. I’d worked out that living by the sea is possibly the greatest thing in the world, and sure London is great, but nothing beats the slower pace of life, listening to the waves hitting the shore and grabbing an ice cream by the sea, even on the rainiest and windiest day of the year. 

Just because I love Plymouth SO much, I teamed up with Watchshop to Unbox The City of Plymouth for the day, documenting it with a series of photos and a vlog. There is sooo many things to get up to in Plymouth, so I crammed together a few of my favourite places and things to do that should definitely be on your list to complete if you’re ever in my home town <3


The first stop of the day was Mount Edgecumbe. This will forever be my favourite place to head to in Plymouth, with a 5 minute ferry trip from Stonehouse to Cornwall, it’s like a secret escape from reality for the day, and I love it.


Despite being a favourite among many people, a lot still don’t know about this little secret getaway in Plymouth. It costs £1.50 to get across, and there’s plenty to do and explore when you get to Mount Edegcumbe.


Is there really a better sight to see on a Saturday morning? 



Once stepping off the ferry you’re greeted by the most gorgeous gardens, The Orangery Cafe (perfect place to head for afternoon tea!), and plenty of paths for long walks. In the summer I love to walk the 6 mile round trip to Cawsand Beach, the coastal cottages are all but a dream, and there’s nothing better than tucking into a picnic on the beach and a cheeky ice cream.


After a lovely morning at Mount Edgecumbe we caught the ferry back and walked over to Royal William Yard (only a 5 min walk away from where you catch the ferry). The RWY is probably my favourite place in Plymouth to grab some food and take in the views, again, it’s by the sea so of course I’m gong to love it. 

There is so many yummy food places to choose from, but we only fancied a snack and Seco Lounge was perfect for this. Anywhere that does marmite on toast is a winner in my eyes though, we’d already decided we would save ourselves for a sweet treat from our favourite bakery on the Barbican too!


My favourite spot in Royal William Yard, with views like that on a sunny day you could be anywhere else in the world.



We then walked down to the Barbican which took about 15 minutes from RWY, once you’re in the centre of Plymouth everything really is within walking distance. There’s no denying that I love the cobbled streets of the Barbican, besides the fact that it’s the perfect backdrop for outfit pictures! I love the winding streets, cobbled lanes and quirky shops and cafes. We stopped off at Jacka Bakery which is the oldest working bakery in the UK for some sweet treats. I love it so much that it made it into my 10 of the best places for breakfast in Plymouth post!


Full to the brim of flapjacks and pastries, we slowly made our way up to The Hoe. The Barbican and The Hoe go hand in hand, and is what lends Plymouth the name of Ocean City. If you’re just looking for some sea views and a leisurely walk The Hoe is the place to be. Being by the sea always help to restore a sense of calm in me and ever since I swam the breakwater last year I can’t help but walk past in excitement, point and utter ‘did I really swim that far?’. I’ll probably still be telling my grandchildren about this when I’m 90.

Once we made it to the top of the hoe we coincidentally bumped into my friend Ben who had his shiny VW camper van with him, isn’t it beautiful?! It’s hard not to raise a smile when you see this trundling along by the sea front, I personally can’t wait to head to the seaside in it in the summer and eat fish and chips from inside whilst watching the waves roll in!


After waving goodbye we headed to our final location for the day, Smeatons Tower! For me, this is the iconic landmark of Plymouth, and a must visit! I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I went up the lighthouse so I was excited to refresh my memory of it. It costs £3 to go to the top and the spectacular views are 100% worth it! If you don’t mind a lot of narrow stairs, it’s definitely worth the climb. It was a great way to end the day in one of my favourite places in Plymouth, looking out over a city that I’ll probably always call home, and I’m totally okay with that.


As you can see, there wasn’t really any part of my day that didn’t involve the sea, but it is the Ocean City of the UK, and as long as I’m by the sea I know everything’s going to be okay. Plymouth might not be perfect, but it is to me and I’ll just simply never tire of living so close to the sea!

Take a peep at the full vlog below to see what I got up to on my touristy day in Plymouth! I’m still fairly new to the vlog scene, but I love making them and want to do more like this in the future, so please let me know what you think and also subscribe if you want to keep an eye out for my future vlogs!

Would you like to visit Plymouth? What’s your favourite thing to do in Plymouth? How would you spend 24 hours in your own city?

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