11 Things You’ll Only Know If You’re A Bloggers Boyfriend


Oh, to be a bloggers boyfriend. Let’s face it, there is a clear distinction between the daily habits of a blogger compared to non-blogger girls. Vowing to ONLY eat at the most insta-friendly places and positioning your plates in a restaurant like a woman on a mission, to name just a couple. These ‘habits’ seem to heighten themselves even more when in the proximity of your partner – there’s no holding back now. 

Besides from the free stuff that your boyfriend could only hope to have a share in, here are 11 things you’ll only know if you’re a bloggers boyfriend, from a boys perspective (heads up to James for sharing these (slightly embellished) enlightening facts about me..)

#1. She buys a Christmas Starbucks drink JUST for the cup, she doesn’t even drink PSL’s though?! And what even is a PSL? You don’t even really have to like anything to be a blogger, jump on the cliche, take a picture and they’re happy. Even if it does cost £10 and it gets chucked away or forced upon you.

#2. ‘Have you liked my Instagram?’ ‘Have you favourited my tweets?’ – 2 seconds after posting them. It becomes a daily chorus that echoes through the house every day, even when you do like it you’re met with, ‘yeh, but do you really like it? Like, really like it?’. 

#3. You HAVE to be her blogs no1 fan. You have to religiously read each blog, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never worn a face mask or need styling tips for body shapes, you must read it, and enjoy it.

#4. You’re tricked into breakfasts out and relaxing walks with having a camera shoved in your hand and having to take outfit pictures. You instantly become a clothes horse, being draped in coats, scarves and handbags that won’t meet the cut. But the worst bit? People watching you, and when she says ‘can you take a few more?’, after the 100th picture.

#5. Contrary to what might come across on her social media feeds, she is jealous of other peoples blogs. No matter what time of the day it is, you have to be supportive of her blog and reassure her that her blog really is better than everyone else’s.

#6. She constantly asks for new ideas for blog posts, but with every response you’re met by ‘no I don’t like it’ or ‘I’ve already done that before’. Regardless to this, she’ll still ask you the same thing every week, sigh.

#7. The time between your food arriving at the table in the restaurant between the time you get to eat it is a grey area. She has to arrange the plates and cups before pictures, and whatever you do, make sure your arms are out of the shot as you wont hear the end of it. YES the food will be cold afterwards, but if pictures aren’t taken, did it really happen? 

#8. How soon is too soon to zone out when they start speaking about their blogger friends as if you know them. ‘I don’t care if I’ve never even met them, Sally has just posted an Insta with the most babein shoes, and OMG she’s been nominated for the Glamour awards eeek!!!’.

#9. She’s constantly on her phone, but as soon as it’s put away she says ‘why are you always on your phone?’, before you can answer she says that it doesn’t count when shes always on her phone as it is practically ‘work related’ – even if that is checking your Insta likes every 10 seconds…

#10. You never have any pictures together and you’ll always struggle to find a picture of the two of you that’s not older than 3 years. You’re beat to the post on Instagram with pictures of tea, cake, lush bath bombs and shoes. You start to think that you’re the third wheel in the relationship.

#11. 3 different delivery drivers turning up to the door at once with ‘free stuff’ for the blog is common practice. You only wish there was ever something half decent that you could enjoy too, nail polish and high heels never is so appealing.

P.S. (from the bloggers perspective) You’ll also really struggle to find pictures with your bf on your phone as the rest of your phone storage is taken up of cafe shots, lush bath bombs and selfies, am I right? <3

Do any of these sound familiar?

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