OOTD | I’m Back!

Jumper – New Look

Skirt – Primark
Bag* – Boohoo

Boots – H&M

Rings – Primark

I’m back!! Well it’s no biggie, but I’ve just survived one whole week without social media, pretty amazing huh? They’ll be more about that on the blog on Wednesday! I chose to take a week off my blog too because firstly 1) it’s not my job and I can have time out to focus on my life whenever I want and 2) I really wanted as much of a break off the internet as possible so I could come back fully refreshed.

Let me tell you, it’s the best thing that I’ve done so far in 2017. Yes, there’s only been one week in January so far BUT it’s the clearest my head has felt in a long time, and I’ve taken a step back to realise what I want for my blog this year as well as plan loads of new content for 2017, so who’s the real winner here? It’s been a week of doing things as I’ve also had 4 inches chopped off my hair which I should have done ages ago! It looks so much healthier and a lot darker, this is the shortest it has been in so long, but on the grand scale of things is still really, really long!

I’m going to start or at least try to up my posting to 3 times a week, this is definitely doable after discovering how much time social media eats into my life. You’d be surprised! I love writing and love producing content for myself as well as my readers, so I hope you’ll stick around this year for plenty of new stuff coming your way!

I’m seeing in the first outfit post of the year with the most beautiful and understated getup. I spied this metallic skirt on a few bloggers last year and did a double take when I was told it was from Primark. Like how?? I was lucky enough to get it from Santa for Christmas, I guess my hinting really did pay off. 

I want to wear this metallic midi skirt EVERY day, it’s not just for formal wear. I feel good when I wear things like this and it looks good. So every stare on dress down Friday will be 100% worth it!! I teamed it with such a simple yet beautiful jumper from New Look, the ruffles on the shoulder just set it apart and make it look so chic. Just FYI they also did this number in a baby pink colour which is just divine. I’m all for pairing simple things with something beautiful for a gorgeous look like this!

What do you think of this outfit? Have you set yourself any blogging posting goals for 2017?

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