10 Thoughts You Have In Your 9-5 Job

The one thing uni doesn’t prepare you for is the transition from all day napping and the occasional netflix binge to working 9-5, 5 days a week. If that isn’t enough to cause a heart attack for a young heart, I don’t know what will. 

You can’t just skip a meeting when you feel like it, or sink into the back of your seat in a lecture hall to nap when you’ve had enough. Entering the 9-5 working world, is the first step to adulting. It’s scary, it’s adulty and it’s exhausting.

A lot can happen within that 8 hour time span – enough to keep the gossip going for the whole week anyway, well as long as it doesn’t involve you, then it’s not so fun. Wherever you work in the world, and whatever you do, let’s face it, we’ll probably all share these 10 thoughts at least some point during the day.

#1. Is it Friday yet? Yes, it’s only 9:05am on Monday morning, but like seriously, is it Friday yet? Also why don’t we have 2 day working weeks and 5 day weekends? Now that could work.

#2. HOW MANY CUPS OF TEA DO YOU NEED? Everyone just loves the tea. I’m pretty sure that 6th cup of tea within 2 hours is neither OK or normal. *Applies the same principle to coffee*.

#3. Is 24 too young to retire? Serious thoughts here, and is it okay? I’m not sure how I’ll be able to waste my life doing 9-5 for the rest of my life *shivers at the thought*.

#4. Is it really worth having a house, money and stability at the end of the day instead of a lie in, and job for that fact? Probably not.

#5. Hell isn’t worse than this. I’d rather be stepping across hot coals 100 x times over than having to sit in my next meeting, oh and actually do some work. 

#6. You wouldn’t survive without your co-workers. Sure your laughing to work ratio is 80:20, it might not be the most productive, but you’re getting by. The day the office banter dies out is the day I leave. I just can’t cope with that.

#7. What can I eat next? Why am I ALWAYS hungry? I only ate an hour ago, help me. Must resist eating my lunch at 10am. So what’s for dinner?

#8. You’ve decided that your colleagues are vultures. As soon as the cake comes out everyone wants to know you. It’s like no one’s seen a piece of food before, and all sense of self restraint and diets go out the window. Cue the next hour of moaning about their weight loss goals.

#9. Is this really what I look like? Whilst you’re milking those toilet breaks every hour you can’t help but get a glance at your reflection in the mirror. WHO IS THAT AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH ME? You convince yourself it’s the lighting in the bathroom, but I’m sure I was wearing makeup this morning, oh is that a grey hair and why are my eye bags longer than my hair. What have I become??

#10. Anything, but work. Why is the sky blue? Arghh I hate it when my nails chip at work. I wonder how many likes my last Instagram post? Is it home time yet? You get the picture.

The good news is that these thoughts are completely normal, even if your mind does feel like a constant washing machine. It’s the best coping mechanism for work that you can have, and your best chance of survival in the work place.

Can you relate to any of these? What are your thoughts during your working day?

*This is meant to be a light hearted post, and is not completely true to life…Just making sure I still have a job after writing this 😉

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