Love It or Hate It – 5 Reasons Why You Need Marmite In Your Life This Christmas


Oh, Marmite. This post is already a controversal topic and I haven’t even started yet. There’s no denying that the nation is split when it comes to marmite, that was obvious when brexit came around and we were alarmed to the fact that Tesco MIGHT NOT BE SELLING MARMITE ANYMORE. What was up with that? I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, knowing the fact that marmite might not be in my life anymore, whether it was a marketing ploy or not, it made me realise how I certainly couldnt live without it in my life. You only realise what you had until you’ve lost it, right?

Love it or hate it – I’m here to help spread the yeasty love this Christmas, and these are 5 reasons why you need a jar of marmite in your cupboard before 2017 wings its way around! (or you might not have to if you panic bought 5 jars of marmite during #marmitegate like me).

#1. Personalised Marmite Jar*

There’s only 2 things in life better than a marmite jar. 1) somebody who can nail your marmite to butter ratio (key dating criteria I think) and 2) a personalised marmite jar!  I received a festive looking marmite jar last year for Christmas and it was single handedly the best present I have ever received. Everything tastes & looks better when it’s personalised, like that is a fact.

Last year I had to go to some lengths to grab one as I believe you could only get them if you visited the marmite store in Westfield London which is just my kind of heaven. Luckily for the rest of us who can’t justify the cost of a 4 hour train trip to London just to buy one (but it would be totes worth it for marmite <3) you can now get your very own one online this Christmas for only £4.99!!! Whether it’s for a marmite lover in your life, a secret santa present or just as a treat for yourself, make sure you get yours in time for Christmas!! I’m already planning on what I’m going to do with my empty jar, and how many slices of buttery toast this jar will grace…

#2. It goes with EVERYTHING (espesh Cheese)

You know that feeling when you open a bag of crisps and your mouth literally drools from the smell? Well that’s what a marmite and cheese combo does to you too. I discovered the starbucks marmite and cheese paninis about 7 years ago and honestly haven’t looked back. Why does cheese and marmite taste so good? It’s like the 2 nicest, saltiest things in the world and it’s such a little guilty pleasure of mine. It’s the ultimate hygge food!

If you’re like ‘why have I never tried this before?’ which I’m sure you have if you’re a marmite fan. But if not you need to BUY the marmite cheeses for Christmas (literally incred), make some marmite cheese straws, make yourself marmite and cheese toasties and the day that a marmite and cheese pizza is created will be the day! What’s the best marmite duo you’ve tried?

#3. No More Insect Bites

I’m not actually sure if this is an old wives tale or if it’s actually true. But yeah, marmite wards of insect bites. Apparently it’s because marmite is rich in B vitamins which helps to keep mosquitoes away, and I’ve personally not been bitten once when I’m abroad if I’ve been eating marmite. There’s only so much jam you can take on the all inclusive buffet too, so do take a stash of mini marmite hearts with you or decant some into a smaller jar for a bite free vacay!

#4. It’s full of vitamins
It turns about that being rich in B vitamins is not just good for warding off insects. It’s so rich in B vitamins that marmite can actually be used as a cheap alternative to B vitamins, and I promise it’s a whole lot tastier.

Marmite also provides 50% off your folic acid and 17% of your thiamin which is a substance used to help protect your nervous system. The black stuff really is doing good things for you, whilst being insanely tasty.

#5. Did I mention it tastes amazing?
There is no such thing as too many slices of marmite and butter on toast, and if anyone tells you different, you don’t need them in your life. The reality is, marmite is not for everyone. But if you do happen to love it, you really love it and that means it’s pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.

The taste of marmite can take you from a bad day to a really, really good day. It’s a little taste of heaven that doesn’t compare to anything else. Even though 2016 hasn’t been a great year for the UK, #Brexit hasn’t won #marmitegate and even though we continue to be living in a divided nation, I’ll still have marmite, and that makes everything better.

What’s important to remember though is that marmite is not just for Christmas! I get that marmite isn’t for everyone, but give it a try this Christmas, it might just surprise you!

Do you love it or hate it? Would you like a personalised marmite jar?

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been sent to me for review. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own, and GUYS I LOVE Marmite so much it’s even in my Instagram bio!

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