Outfit Pictures: The Outtakes

Contrary to popular belief, I only look this good 20% of the time ↑. It’s easy looking this good when you have a fabuous photographer (check out the team behind sleek-chic) and a pretty good camera lens, thank you 50mm for making me always look good on social media. It’s no surprise that you’ll never see a bad picture of your favourite fashion blogger, or influencer on social media. The same with life, right? We only show the good bits. Without starting a rant about ‘don’t believe everything you see on social media’ and ‘why you shouldn’t compare yourselves to others’, I thought it was about time I shared some of the ‘outtakes’ from outfit shoots in the last year. 

I think it’s refreshing to see something a bit more ‘real’ sometimes. As much as I love the posed staring at the floor shots or staring into the distance, I certainly had a chuckle looking through these, and I hope they brighten up your Friday too!

Trying to hold a bag and flowers whilst trying to pose is harder than it looks.

When you really wished you’d washed your hair the night before. Greasy hair in outfit pictures is a no no.

WHY are you taking shots in between posing, you know we don’t do that.

Long hair = the contstant battle with the wind.

When your camera lens is like no, not today.

That moment you realise it’s YOU, and not the cameras fault. Distraught.

 Tantrums at age 24 are a real thing. But YOU’RE not getting the right shot. Just take another 100 pleasssse.

When you’re praying you’ll finish your outfit pictures by the time it starts to rain.

Well, isn’t this just lovely?

Turns out pouting, looking at the floor and clutching your hair at the same time really doesn’t work. Neither do sky high ponytails, WHAT WAS I THINKING.

When you try to nail that candid laughing photo. I think I’ll just stick to the ‘staring at the floor’ look…

Pssstt.. did you get the shot? Deffs not looking like this.

Let’s face it, I could be here all day sharing pictures, I usually take about 100 + pictures on each shoot when I realistically only select about 10 for my post. So you can bet what the latter 90 pictures look like… But at  least after 3 years of documenting my outfit pictures I’ve finally found my favourite poses to nail that ‘candid’ look, practice makes perfect, right?

What do you think of my outtakes? Do you wish more bloggers showed more ‘real life’ pictures? What are your ‘go to’ poses for outfit pictures?

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