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I lived in Finland for a year so that should basically make me a ‘hygge’ pro, right? There always was something special about coming back from walking on the frozen lake when it was -30 degrees and getting straight into my bed fully clothed, and slowly defrosting.

Although, I didn’t realise that this ‘feeling’ existed until I snapped up The Little Book of Hygge a couple of months ago. Since then I’ve been fixated on this Danish way of living, and of course, mentioning it in any blog post where I can make it relevant.

What Is Hygge?

Whilst it doesn’t directly translate into a word, it’s something that everyone will have experienced and felt before.

Got back from a day walking through the snow and letting your feet thaw out against the fire? Hygge. Listening to the rain outside whilst tucked up in bed? Hygge. Indulging in a pizza by candlelight? Hygge. You get the picture.

Hygge is what makes us happiest, and after a miserable 2016 for the UK in particular, we could all do with a little bit of hope and Hygge in our live. The Danes are after all one of the happiest countries in the world, so they must be doing something right.

They do say that Hygge is just something that happens, and not necessarily something that can be forced. But I snapped up their idea of a Hygge emergency kit that can be stored away and called upon when you really need a little bit of hygge in your life.

All you need is a suitcase, a box or a cupboard and a few special components to create a some hyggeligt times (cosy times).

It’s like a box filled of everything that makes me happy and I think everyone needs one in their life.


Your Hygge Emergency kit is basically built up of everything that makes you happy, and to help fast track you to that elusive hygge feeling. I’ve created mine with 11 of my favourite essentials to help give you a little bit of inspiration to create your own.

#1. Blanket

Nothing speaks happiness and winter than cosying up on the sofa with a cosy blanket. It doesn’t even have to be cold. Up the hygge levels by watching the rain fall whilst snuggled up in one.

#2. Candles

Everyone knows that candles are central to Hygge. It’s all about soft, gentle lighting rather than harsh lighting. I mean, who even uses a proper ceiling lamp anymore?

If candles aren’t your thing, cosy fairy lights will do just the job. I always opt for the battery powered ones as it means I can use them anywhere.

#3. Favourite Book

I promise this post is not sponsored by Penguin books, I just love Hygge with all my heart and soul. There’s nothing like a good, solid concept to follow. Because of this, The Little Book of Hygge is currently my favourite book that I will be popping in my emergency kit. It doesn’t matter that I’ve already read it page to page at least 3 times already…

#4. Lush Goodies

If lush goodies aren’t at the top of your list for your hygge emergency kit, I’m sorry, but you’re not doing hygge right. You’ll note that lush bathing products are also at the top of my ultimate pamper night list.

Run yourself a warm bath, pop in a bath bomb and let the good times roll. I’ll probably pop on a Lush face mask and smother my skin with Sleepy afterwards too. Now that is Hygge.


#5. Your Favourite Tea Cup & Saucer Complete With Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate

I’m not a massive tea drinker, but when I do drink tea I like it in the most flamboyant cup and saucer. It’s like when you make tea in a tepot, you can’t compare it to tea made in a cup.

Alternatively, pop in your fav hot chocolate sachet and oodles of marshmallows too, mmm.

#6. Favourite DVD

There was no battle for the DVD that had to go in my emergency kit. Although, Harry Poter definitely gave Inbetweeners a run for its money. I have seen each episode of Inbetweeners at least 67508 times now, but I still laugh every time. I know every word to every scene and I’m not even sorry, nope.

#7. Chocolate

Ahh.. chocolate. There’s few things that chocolate can’t help, and indulging in it really is pure hygge. I should be putting a bag of mini eggs or galaxy chocolate in mine, but chocolate makes me really ill and that’s really not hygge. So I’m sticking with my 85% dark chocolate. I would sooner swap it for Hotel Chocolat though as that is a real treat.

#8. Cuddly Teddy Bear

I’m 24 years old and have a massive penchant for cuddly teddy bears, especially if they’re called Boo or Doug.


Not only are they 100% cute and don’t answer you back, they’re so comforting when you need a little cuddle.

I wouldn’t have survived my year abroad without Sully from Monsters Inc, do not underestimate the power of a cuddly toy!


#9. Letters

During my massive clear out on the weekend I came across loads of old cards, letters and a book that had messages from when I left year 11 at school. I had a smile at every comment that I read, and it brought back so many nice memories. It was the pick me up that I was in desperate need of.

#10. Photographs

Do you remember the excitement of waiting for your holiday pictures to get developed? No me neither. Nowadays, everything is instantly uploaded to Facebook and never looked back at again. Everything is so online to the extent that if Facebook was gone tomorrow I would lose 1000s of memories.

You just can’t beat looking at old fashioned photographs, it’s such a wonderful feeling and will bring those happy memories back to the surface in no time.

#11. Knitted Socks

There’s nothing like slipping on a pair of knitted, woolen, super cosy socks after you’ve had a lovely bath or shower. I have a drawer full of (ugly) knitted socks that my mum made for me, and they beat the likes of Topshop novelty socks any day, soz.

Happy times are only round the corner with a Hygge emergency kit waiting to go. I think I’m going to need a bigger one to keep in my work drawer…

What would be in your Hygge emergency kit?

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