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After the success of my 10 of the best independent coffee shops in Plymouth post I thought it was about time I did the same for the best breakfast places in Plymouth! After all, who doesn’t love a good leisurely brunch on a Sunday?!

Going out for breakfast wasn’t actually something I ever used to do until earlier this year. I guess I got bored of evening meals in the same restaurants, and with so many places that serve breakfast in Plymouth, it’s definitely something I look forward to on the weekend.

A sunday well spent brings a week of content right? Especially when it involves fluffy pancakes and copious amounts of tea!

You’ll probably be like ‘surely this is just the best places for pancakes in Plymouth?’ I like pancakes, OK? But I think it still gives you an idea of how nice their other breakfasts are too, and if you like pancakes you’re onto a winner with this post!

If you’re a local, new to the area or popping down for a holiday, this really is the definitive list of the best places to tuck into breakfast in Plymouth!

*This post has been last updated in May 2022 to bring you the freshest places for breakfast in Plymouth.

#1. The Earlybird

Love, love, love the earlybird! You can’t miss this gorgeous cafe on Mutley Plain, it’s best to get there early on the weekend for breakfast as they do fill up pretty quickly. They have an extensive menu of wholesome, healthy and filling breakfasts. I of course always opt for the pancakes though, guilty!

There are plenty of Instagram opportunities to be had here too with their Let’s brunch feature wall! If that’s not enough, they also have a small artisan bakery where you can buy fresh bread from!

best places for breakfast Plymouth

#2. Boston Tea Party

You’ve probably come across a BTP Cafe somewhere on your travels, and I know it’s not an independent restaurant, but they have that quirky edge, industrial interior and a breakfast menu to die for. There is plenty of seats both inside and outside, so you don’t need to worry about it being full up on a Sunday morning.

I’ve had porridge, avo on toast and pancakes in BTP Plymouth, and they were both delicious. They definitely cater to those who want to have a nice breakfast out that is still healthy. There’s lot of different toppings that you can choose for your porridge too, so it definitely makes it more exciting than your everyday porridge routine at home.


#3. The Dock

Situated in the ferry port, The Dock has a delicious brunch menu and breathtaking views. I would recommend visiting on a sunny day as you can also sit outside and take in the stunning sea views.

Their menu caters for everything, from healthy granola dishes and pancakes, to full English breakfasts. The granola comes with yoghurt and fruit that is more filling than you would think. I was a little pig and got a croissant to go with it too! They also have a Danish basket which only costs £5 and is filled with lots of yummy, buttery pastries – you can’t really go wrong with that!


#4. The Morley

The Morley is slightly out of the way, just in Plymstock near The Range, but it’s the perfect place to stop at after a trip to Jennycliff, or the tip, lol. I adore the food at the Morley and have been for lunch a few times too. They have currently stopped serving breakfast during the pandemic, but *fingers crossed* it’s something they reinstate once restrictions have ended.

Based just off the riverbank, you can enjoy those beautiful views with your breakfast too!

best places for breakfast Plymouth

#5. Seco Lounge

Royal William Yard is actually home to 3 of the places mentioned in this post, the yard really is the place to be when the weekend comes around. Whether you want some tea and cake, breakfast or an evening meal, Seco Lounge caters to everything and there is plenty of seating inside.

Like most restaurants in the yard, they still have the original stone walls, and high ceilings – filled with lots of cosy chairs and wooden tables that are perfect for flatlaying your food!

The pancakes at Seco Lounge are some of my favourite, and they’re not the type that make you feel sick from feeling so full afterwards!


#6. Monty’s

You can find Monty’s on the cobbled streets of the Barbican which has been a favourite among people in Plymouth for years. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved Monty’s, but it’s not the place for you if you’re looking for a dish that’s instagrammable. I may sound obsessed, but this is a big deal for me. The lighting, table and presentation of the dish is imperative to me, as well as how it tastes!

If you like full English breakfasts then you’ll love Monty’s, and I hear they’re a great hangover cure! I actually love the pancake/bacon combo and this was the first place that I actually tried it. Presentation skills for me were a 3, but the pancakes were delicious, and I would definitely recommend.


#7. Bistrot Pierre

Bistrot Pierre was one of my favourites for pancakes, it was also the first time I’d ever tried out this restaurant and it’s definitely the slightly more upper class, refined place for breakfast. It’s not all about full english breakfasts here!

Situated in the historic Royal William Yard, we had one of the best seats by the window and I could have stayed there all day watching the world go by.

As far as drinks go, tea and coffee are such a great choice as they offer unlimited refills, really justifying being able to take your time and relax with your breakfast.

The pancakes were beautifully presented and they even brought out a massive jug of maple syrup which a lot of other restaurants don’t offer unless your pancakes come with bacon!


#8. Terra Nova

I was driving through Devonport, Plymouth when I suddenly came across this brand new, swanky looking cafe/restaurant. It genuinely felt like a place you’d see on the corner of a bustling London street. The building had previously been derelict for so long, and I was understandably in a mad rush to Instagram the place when I got home.

Terra Nova only opened in April 2022, yet you’d think they’d been here a lot longer. Every time I drive past they are filled to the brim. They have the most delectable range of cakes, if that’s more your thing for a 10am brekkie. Their breakfast menu has a great mix of breakfast classics, with lots of options to customise your own breakfast dish.

I would highly recommend this great place in the heart of Devonport, it’s within walking distance to Royal William Yard, or Devonport Park too if you want to tie in a nice walk with it too. Plus, did I mention they’re dog friendly too?

breakfast plymouth terra nova

#9. Jacka Bakery

Oh Jacka Bakery <3 I have been meaning to visit this quaint little bakery on the Barbican for quite some time, it is in fact the oldest commercially working bakery in Great Britain, and I just love the history, charm and character that this bakery has.

As expected, they have quite a selection of homemade breads, cakes, pastries and a few hot breakfast dishes. It was a similar selection to The Bakery and I went for a fail safe hot chocolate and pain au chocolate, a winning combo for a cold Sunday morning.

Jacka Bakery is very small inside with only a few tables, they also recommend coming early during the day as their produce sells out quickly, which is no surprise when they’ve built up a fantastic reputation in Plymouth, and their baked goods are second to none.

This was one of my favourite places for breakfast, as it really offered it all. So simple, SO tasty and tucked away in one of my favourite places in Plymouth.


#10. The Boathouse Cafe

The Boathouse Cafe is a great all rounder for me, they also made it into my top 10 independent cafes post!

This was also my last stop on my breakfast tour, and what a way to finish. Situated next to the harbour on the Barbican, it really is breakfast goals, especially when the sun is shining!

They have a really good breakfast menu, and it is probably one of the most extensive out of all of the places. Their bacon baps are also amazing, and of course the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, mmmm! I had to end as I started after all…


 So there we have it, 10 of the best places for breakfast in Plymouth, what a great bunch!

I think it’s important to point out that I wasn’t sponsored or invited to any of these to review, I generally just love trying out and discovering new places in Plymouth, and I loved writing my best cafe’s post so much so that I wanted to delve into the brunching world, and boyyyy do I love it!

I love how Plymouth is home to some of the cutest and most quaint places for breakfast, and it’s even better when it’s in the sun on a Sunday morning, Plymouth really is rather special isn’t it?

Have you been to any of these places before? Do you have any other recommendations for places to eat breakfast in Plymouth? If you enjoyed this post, you might also like 10 of the best independent coffee shops in Plymouth.

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