OOTD | Weekly Flower Run

Dress – Asos

Mules – Office

Bag* – Boohoo

Watch – Olivia Burton

Flowers – Marks & Spencers

I’m now fulfilling the blogging cliche and purchasing flowers on a weekly basis to be used for outfit pictures and flatlays before they can be left to do what they do best, it’s my Instagram and creating the ‘perfect’ picture that is fueling this obsession, but I just can’t stop! Fake flowers unfortunately just don’t do it for me anymore, I ended up spending £8.75 (daylight robbery or what?) on flowers this weekend so I’m definitely going to have to get my moneys worth out of them with a few flatlays, what’s a girl to do? But I think you’ll agree that these roses are just gorgeous, and I totally didn’t pick this colour because I thought it would contrast well with this denim getup…

But let’s just appreciate this denim dress, it’s a smock, it’s denim and it has ruffles. It’s literally the DREAM transitional wear, it’s one of the the comfiest things I own, I still had room left in it after my pizza, and cookie ice cream sandwich binge last weekend which really is saying something! I love laid back looks like this, and I find that I wear things like this way more than items with a bit more of a ‘faff’ when you actually have to decide what goes well with the item. 

I shot these pictures at a new location that myself and my mum found on the weekend, my brief was ‘somewhere with coloured doors or houses’, and I think we nailed it! The best thing was this place was just off the street and not one person past us by, or leered out of their house window at us. I’ll definitely be back for some more pictures soon!

What do you think of this outfit? 

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