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Pyjama Shirt – Next

Mom Jeans – Topshop

Mules – Office

The PJ trend that’s so wrong, but SO right. Straight from the bedroom to the streets, I can finally see why this cosy trend is just so perfect. I sat on the fence of this trend for a couple of months, not because I didn’t love it, but I was worried about the stares and questions beginning with ‘why are you wearing pjs?’. If you watch Day Break in the mornings you may have spotted Kate Garaway wearing this exact same top last week, she faced a backlash of abuse on twitter afterwards about her choice of outfit. SO many people are quick to judge peoples clothing choices, but it’s only because those people couldn’t in a million years pull it off like she did. The one thing I’ve learnt the most since documenting my outfit posts is that people will make the odd comments about your questionable choices, but that’s your style, and to have your own individual style is pretty special. I finally feel brave enough to wear trends like this, and as I always say to myself, if YOU like it, what else matters?

Wearing what is technically fancy, beautiful PJS I understand is not everyone’s cuppa tea, but there are 2 ways that you can choose to wear it. With floaty trousers for a smarter look (perfect for a work look) or with jeans for a more casual look. Wearing it with mom jeans really helped to downplay the PJ look, finishing it off with my favourite mules to detract attention from the top. This top from Next is available in a white version too, I just can’t get enough of the oriental/floral style pattern that I’ve seen so much on bomber jackets over the last few months. I’ve also spotted some cheaper and plainer alternatives in Primark and River Island, I think it’s taking my cosy PJ obsession to a whole new level, and I love it!

What do you think of this outfit? What are your thoughts on the PJ trend?

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