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There’s nothing that excites me more than the start of a new season, but lets not kid myself here, I’ve usually already bought into the new trends months in advance, because who doesnt anticipate the return of the chunky knits and boots for Autumn? New trends are constantly being thrown at us both online and in the shops which is what makes disposable fashion a thing, nowadays we so easily buy things, wear them once and then leave them untouched for years. This is very much true for myself, but I actively clear my wardrobe out once every few months and donate my clothes to charity, as it feels like I’m actually doing something worthwhile with the amount of money I have wasted on clothes that I have sometimes not even worn, oops! The bundle of clothes I usually donate to charity are a) things I’ve worn to death but no longer fit, b) the items that still have their tags on and C) the ‘what was I thinking items’ that definitely didn’t suit me! Rather than throwing clothes away, I always donate as they’re almost always in excellent condition, and I’m sure someone will be very happy with my Boohoo, Topshop or Asos threads! 

So where does this link into today’s post? Boohoo challenged me to a wardrobe refresh for Autumn, so donating a bundle of clothes to a charity of my choice, and making room for a whole new outfit!

Wool Look Coat* – Boohoo

Blouse – Primark

Embroidered Pinafore Dress* – Boohoo

Bag* – Boohoo

Boots – H&M

I could honestly spend hours on the Boohoo website scrolling for new items for my autumn/winter wardrobe as they have SO much stuff! 2 hours later and I had picked up some autumnal beauties. I think it’s fair to say the real star of the show here is the embroidered pinafore dress, it’s the dreamiest thing I’ve ever worn. It’s made from a faux suede fabric, and the red embroidered flowers contrast beautifully against the black. I teamed it with this white blouse for a smart look, roll neck jumpers will look so good with this when the weather gets colder. I’m also loving this little bag that I featured in my smock dress post too, I adjust the strap length of this cross body bag as I prefer the look when it sits higher up. 

Not forgetting the integral part of any well put together winter outfit, I had to finish my new autumnal look off with a cosy coat from Boohoo’s huge range of coats and jackets. I feel like I’ve been wanting a tan coat for so long but have never committed, it’s definitely the most chic colour for an autumn get up, it makes for a dreamy combo with rich berry colours. It’s the perfect length, doesn’t button up and provides a sleek, streamlined finish to any outfit. I feel like it’s not going to leave my back this winter. 

It’s all good having a new wardobe for Autumn, but I desperately needed to have a clear out and make some room for the new items…

With a beautiful new autumnal ensemble from Boohoo, it was time to dig deep and find some clothing to donate to charity, I was definitely not stuck for choice! Donating is such an important thing to me, as I do feel guilty about spending so much on clothing and not wearing them as much as I should, as I know that not everyone is as fortunate to have so many material possessions. I feel like I’m giving something back, and also helping to raise money for some amazing charities that help to fund lifesaving causes. I usually donate to a handful of different charities, but I will be donating this lot to the Cancer Research UK charity, almost everyone knows at least one person in their life that has suffered or lost their life to cancer, whether that’s a family member or a close friend. 100% of their profit from our donations goes towards their life saving work, so every little bit helps, and I really feel like I’m doing my bit to help save the world, and eventually find a cure for cancer one day. 

I’m saying goodbye to about 14 different pieces of clothing including t-shirts, shoes and jeans! For once most of these pieces have been worn to death at some point, but a lot of these haven’t been worn for a few years so it was finally time to donate them to charity. I also love purchasing clothes from charity shops as you can always find the odd gem, and I love the idea that each piece of clothing has a history behind it which adds so much character to the item. These jeans were purchased from New Look from a £100 gift card that I won from my first blogging competition almost 3 years ago, I always remember going in and buying them that day and thinking it was the best thing ever! The Toms shoes were bought back in my sixth form days when they were all the ‘rage’, I literally wore these to death!

I am probably most gutted about donating this floral, ruffle top that was from Zara. I bought this 5 years ago and have NEVER worn it! It was one of those impulse buys that just looked so cute and I had to have it. It’s finally time to cut my loses and say goodbye to it, I’m sure it will go to a loving home!

Among the rest of my donation were items I bought with my first ever pay check, the expensive obsession I had with Hollister and a top I purchased from Target in USA when I was working at camp for the summer. Every single piece has a story behind it, and I’m sure that someone will be delighted to incorporate these items into their wardrobe. It now means I have plenty more room to fill with autumnal pieces, including the dreamiest new items from Boohoo!

How often do you donate to charity? Do you like my new autumnal outfit from boohoo? Have you got a new winter coat yet?

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been sent to me for review. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own

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