5 Hair Care/Styling Favourites

Having long hair at times can be both the best thing and the worst, no one can begin to imagine the tangles, caught hair and extensive hair drying times. But having said that, it’s all worth it when it looks amazing! With the right hair care styling products and tools it has made my life a lot easier. Many of these products have been my favourites for absolute years, when I find something that works I hold on to it for life, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? If you’re looking for something to make your hair more manageable, here are 5 of my current top 5 hair care/styling favourites that have made their way into my routine!

#1. Tangle Teezer
I’ve been confessing my love for the trusty Tangle Teezer since way before I began writing this blog 3 years ago. Sick of tangly hair and combs that snagged my hair in the shower, I was given my first compact tangle teezer 4 years ago for my Birthday and which I still use to this day, it really is long lasting! I now have a collection of 4 tangle teezers, all with different styles and sizes. I now have a tangle teezer for every bag I own, and I just couldn’t be without one again. I cringe at the thought of putting a comb through wet hair again, and it’s true that the tangle teezer is one of the best discoveries I have ever made for my long hair. It makes brushing it through in the mornings, at the end of the day, after a swim and in the shower a dream, getting rid of tangles with ease, and without snapping the ends of my hair. Tangle Teezer have expanded over the years since I first started using them and they now have a limited edition range to complement the existing originals, I mean who could resist a pug printed tangle teezer? I know what my sixth teezer to join the family is going to be…

#2. Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler
Where curly hair is concerned, the chopstick styler is a game changer. I repeat, this is the only curler I have ever used that creates tight curls which last and don’t drop out. Sure, it’s a very tedious task as it takes me just over an hour to create a full head of curl worthy hair, but boy does it look good, and it lasts for days even through sleep and daily life. It’s not something I use often as I can imagine it’s so damaging to your hair, but if you’re looking for a fun, show stopping hair styler then you need this in your life! Proof is in the pudding as they say, see it below in action…

#3. Moroccan Oil
Many a blog post has boasted the amazing product that is Moroccan oil. At £30 a pop a bottle, this stuff is not cheap, but if you’re looking to maintain long hair without it looking like straw or wanting to grow your hair, this stuff is like liquid nitrogen. You only need to apply a few drops of this to your hair after washing your hair and one bottle lasts me a year so it really is worth the money. It’s one of the best hair oils I have used and I always think it’s worth spending money on high quality items when it comes to your hair. 

#4. Invisibobble
Whatever your hair length, wearing it in a pony or bun all day can cause headaches and sore scalps. I tend to stick to low ponies or plaits these days because of the strain. When I use normal hair bands I feel like I have bruises on my scalp afterwards, ouch! I discovered invisibobbles about a year ago and haven’t looked back, these unusual telephone cord esque bands are easy to use, they’re virtually invisible once they’re in your hair, they won’t leave those tell tale marks on your hair, and most importantly they don’t hurt your head! They’re available in  a range of different colours these days and sizes, I have a clear box of these as I personally think they look more seamless and invisible in the hair!

#5. Towelling Headband
Not an essential, but a necessity. When you have long hair or any length hair for that matter, washing your face or brushing your teeth becomes a military operation. Trying to keep that hair back from your face isn’t an easy task which is why I swear by my towelling headband. It’s soft, pink and keeps all my hair back with ease, what’s not to love? I wear it when I apply my makeup too so I have a completely clear base to work from with no hair that gets congealed within my foundation, or even worse, my lip gloss!

My hair care routine is constantly expanding and I love trying new products to help make my hair look fabulous, so do let me know if there are any other miracle products that I should be trying out! 

What are your hair care favourites? Have you tried any of these products/tools before?

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