Rimmel Volume Colourist Review & Filming In London With The Mail Online


For the last 6 weeks I’ve been taking part in a really exciting project with Today I’m Wearing (Mail Online) and Rimmel, taking part in a 6 week trial testing our their new Rimmel Volume Colourist mascara, which claims that it will tint your lashes gradually over time with the lash tint complex and natural colourants that are included in the formula. The release of this mascara perfectly ties in with summer holidays, giving you that confidence to go bare by the pool or in the sea without having to worry about panda eyes! I have been using this mascara for 6 weeks now, doing vlogs about the mascara throughout and which culminated in a really exciting trip to London two weeks ago where myself and 4 other bloggers were invited down to The Mail Online studios (London) with Rimmel where we were each individually filmed about our experiences with the mascara, the footage is currently in the process of being edited and compiled which will be featured on the mail online website for about a month, its all super exciting and a real pinch me moment, and I can’t wait to see the finished result on the website this month!! Keep an eye out on my twitter in the next few weeks for a sneek peak! But in the meantime, did the mascara really tint my lashes over time?


I’ve really enjoyed using this mascara and it’s definitely become a makeup bag staple for the summer as it’s incredibly easy to apply, it doesn’t tug or hurt my lashes and it delivers a dramatic, dark look in as little as one coat. It isn’t as dramatic as one of my favourite brands, but it’s perfect for that everyday look when you want as natural makeup look as possible. Asides from the fact that it can tint your lashes over time, I absolutely love the fact that this mascara is so easy to remove afterwards. I suffer from eczema on my eyelids which is made worse by using a lot of eye makeup remover, unlike other brands where I’m scrubbing my eyes for about 10 minutes, it only takes a bit of gentle rubbing and my eyes are free from any scraps of mascara. Now let’s get to the main selling point of this mascara, and whether it really does tint lashes over time.


I firstly absolutely love the concept of this mascara, there is nothing like this on the market already and I love how you can do both at the same time, use it in your everyday makeup routine for voluminous lashes and also tint them over time. This is a much more cost and time effective method than going to the salon to tint your lashes, and this mascara only costs around £7.99 so it’s definitely worth anyone giving it a try! It’s difficult to tell from looking in the mirror when you look at yourself every day so I took pictures of my lashes with 3 week intervals so I could get a proper look at whether my lashes were gradually getting darker. I naturally have very long eyelashes, but the ends are incredibly blonde so wearing mascara is normally a must for me. Below are the pictures of my lashes before starting the trial, at 3 weeks, and at the end of the 6 week trial.


Whilst the results aren’t completely obvious, I have definitely noticed the blonde ends look slightly darker than before which is more than I ever expected, and the lash line appears a lot darker. I never expected the results to be super dramatic anyway, as one does wonder how it’s possible to keep them tinted, and it’s a semi-permanent solution to tinting your lashes so you will have to keep using it to retain the result. I also swim a lot, and chlorine tends to strip hair of colour so I think it has probably had a similar impact on my lashes. But, above all I love it as an everyday mascara and will continue to use it as an everyday mascara throughout the summer. I don’t care about going bare this summer now that I’m using this mascara, and I’m looking forward to more makeup free days without having to use mascara, or worry about panda eyes by the pool…

I also got to take home the most AMAZING goodie bag from my day in London with me which was filled to the brim with lots of lovely Rimmel makeup goodies and some branded Mail Online products which are such amazing things to keep, and a gentle reminder of some of the fantastic experiences that I have had through blogging! I would recommend anyone to try this mascara at least once, to see if you notice a difference to your lash colour over time too!

Have you tried the Rimmel volume colourist mascara? Have your lashes tinted over time? Would you like to give it a try?

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