The Team Behind Sleek-Chic!

Last Sunday I headed out for breakfast with my sister who kindly took some pictures for my Kiss The Boys outfit post (it was her first time doing them, I was impressed!), and it was only from a joke that the idea of this blog post came about! The team behind sleek-chic idea really made me laugh, it may be different for other bloggers depending on what you blog about, but I’m sure there’s been at least one person helping you out along the way with your blog. My blog will never be a full time thing as I love my job too much, and I love having my blog as a thing that I enjoy doing in my spare time, but a lot of work really does go into my blog behind the scenes, and understandably a shoestring budget (I’ll never be paying for photographers or someone to write my blog!)! I’ve never seen a post like this before, and this is only meant to be a funny, lighthearted blog to give you an insight into the mechanics behind my blog, and my life! I’ve also been blogging for almost 3 years now, so there’s been a few job roles that have come, gone and evolved over the years to take me to where I am today! Let’s meet the team…

The Photographer’s: 

My Mum 

What would I do without my mum? I’m very lucky that my mum is always happy to take countless outfit pictures of me in a myriad of locations, rain or shine. A professional photographer could certainly not keep up with my demands! My mum has taken my outfit pictures from the word go, from a phone, to a digital camera to my current DSLR. Her photography skills have definitely evolved along the way, and she knows exactly how I want each picture to look. She never complains and is generally just the best! I am really pleased with how my photos look at the moment and it wouldn’t be possible without her help on the weekends and evenings to shoot some content! She’s my full time photographer, but there are the times when I need to relieve her of her duties…

My Boyfriend

Whilst I was at uni (1st year of blogging) James became my full time photographer. At uni I had a lot more time between lectures and on weekends to get some pictures and I had a readily available photographer. A lot of people moan about their boyfriend or even mum attempting to take pictures, but James has always been really good, although he snaps the pictures so quickly I sometimes don’t have time to change my position! I don’t think it’s his favourite thing to do (neither is watching me take pictures of food in restaurants!) but he really helped me carve a little space on the internet for my fashion blog in the early stages. As we are in a long distance relationship I only see him a couple weekends a month at the moment, and on those weekends he’s my stand in photographer, releasing my mum of duties for a while!

My Sister

The newest member to the team, my sister became my stand in photographer last week and I was impressed. She pandered to my every need, and didn’t even complain that I asked for continual retakes – I think I would almost certainly get fed up! The reality is that to get good content, whether it’s for instagram or your blog you do need to take a lot more images than is needed, as there’s nothing worse than not having enough to work with. My sister and I decided that eating out for breakfast on a Sunday in different places needs to become a monthly occasion, so I will definitely be roping her in for a session once a month from now on…

The Location Manager

I definitely pride myself on finding new and pretty locations to shoot my outfit pictures at as it definitely helps to add to the overall atmosphere of the post. Again, my mum is my resident location manager, helping me scout the best locations in Plymouth that will really help my outfit pop! So much so that I put together a post on 5 of the best places to take outfit pictures in Plymouth. There are so many pretty places waiting to be discovered in Plymouth just like any city, and it’s worth having someone who really knows the area like the back of their hand to help you with it! 

Among the main job roles I also have the prop scout, bag carrier (sorry Dad!) and the friends who always read my blog and let me know what they’re loving, and of course, ALL of the lovely bloggers and readers that have interacted with me along the way!

Sleek-chic really wouldn’t be where it is today without ‘my team’, as ultimately if I didn’t have the help of my family or my lovely readers, I wouldn’t be able to post any content at all, especially as my blog mainly focuses on fashion – I thought it was about time that they got recognised for their work too! I’d love to know what goes on behind the scenes of your blog too as I think it’s so interesting to see how your blog works for you, and however big or small your blog is! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! Do you have a mini blog team too?

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