Mother’s Day Home Pamper Package

I hope you all had a lovely day with your Mums or Mother figures on Sunday, my thoughts were equally with all of those whose mums sadly aren’t with us anymore. Life has been so busy recently that I felt a bit guilty that I couldn’t spend the whole day with my mum on Sunday as I was at a wedding all weekend. I did however get to spend the whole week with her before in New York which was just amazing (post on that coming very soon!)! With so many different holidays and special days throughout the year it can be an expensive time for everyone, especially when you want to be able to treat your Mum to something really special, even if your finances are telling you a different story. With this in mind, Ocean Loans set up a Mother’s Day campaign to lend a helping hand this Mother’s Day by giving a selection of bloggers £50 to treat their mum to a full day of treats, without the worry of how much money you’re spending! I originally wanted to treat my mum to a lovely homemade afternoon tea, but as I had been so busy leading up to it I didn’t have the time to arrange it on a weekend beforehand, so it was obvious that I should put together a lovely homemade spa package for her instead, as a girl after my own heart she absolutely loves premium haircare brands, Lush and other such goodness to make her feel good on the inside and out! 

I am such a sucker for cute cards and I spend sooo long picking the perfect one. Paperchase is my go to for greeting cards as they have such a fun selection for all occasions. This isn’t your ordinary card and is a concertina which leaves a space on the back of the card for writing. It’s such a pretty floral card with two elephants taking centre stage!

First I popped into Lush for some of her favourite bits, she doesn’t enjoy bath bombs, but is a huge fan of the warming massage bars. I also picked up a few new bits to introduce her too including golden handshake which is a hand mask, it’s so beautifully packaged and formed – I’m really tempted to go back and get myself one as it looks so good. As well as a floating island bath oil which really does make for a super oily and nourishing bath, I picked out prince charming for her which smells amazing!! My mum swims a lot like me too, so the size of this shower gel is perfect for taking with her when she goes to the pool.

I always love receiving hair care and shower gels myself for my birthday or Christmas as it’s stuff that sometimes feels like a chore buying for yourself, and this little lot will certainly keep her going for a while. I picked up her all time favourite shower gel which is just amazing, I love it so much too that I included it in my January Beaty Favourites! I also picked out some of her favourite shampoos and conditioners from premium haircare brands. Chlorine can be so draining on your hair and makes it incredibly limp, so you really do need some good quality products to help strip the nasties from your hair. Premium products can also soon add up in price, so she was incredibly delighted to be given all of these at once!

My mum is also a body scrub fiend so I picked up this little extra which is the sanctuary spa ultimate salt scrub. Again, it’s the perfect little size to take to the pool or take away on holiday with her!

So this last present was completely random and not in any relation to the home pamper package I put together, but a couple of weekends ago my Mum spotted this glasses case in River Island and said how much she liked it. I pride myself on getting people amazing presents and it is literally because I remember every time someone says they like something and I write it down, it’s amazing because I never have to think too hard about what to buy someone when I can refer to the list! She was delighted with this glasses case as you can imagine, and it’s just SO pretty! 

I managed to pick up lots of lovely bits all totaling to £50 ( It may have gone slightly over – but she’s worth it right!?). She was over the moon with everything I picked up, and even though it wasn’t an experience as I would have liked to have got her, these bits will last her a lot longer, and it’s luxury things that she doesn’t have to spend her own money on buying now either. 

This post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of me and my lovely mummy (Top of the rock!)! My mum literally is the best – caring, supportive and loving Mum, and not many people can also say that their mum is also their training partner!! I am incredibly lucky to have had such an amazing figure like this growing up when so many people sadly aren’t fortunate enough to have the same. Whilst I couldn’t spend the whole day with her, I’m almost certain I made it up to her with this lovely bundle of goodies which she loved! I would like to thank Ocean Loans again for making money no object this Mother’s Day and helping me to give my mum everything she deserves! I also know that my Mum reads every single blog post I do which is the best, so if you’re reading this I love you lots!!

How did you spend Mother’s Day this year? What do you think of the home pamper package I put together for my Mum?

*Ocean Loans gave me £50 to spend on my Mum this Mothers’ Day and all of these presents were given to my mum, All opinions however are 100% my own.

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