January Beauty Favourites


For once I’m not going to say that this month has flown by as it really hasn’t for me! January also feels like a really depressing month, it’s just after Christmas and it’s too far away from the summer sun. But as they say, everyday may not be good but there is something good in every day! And I did discover some seriously amazing beauty favourites this month that have helped me survive January! So kick starting 2016 with a bang, and happy to be finally entering February, here is what products I have been loving this month! 



Topshop Glow Pot In Polish – £9.00

I’ve only very recently got a lot more into makeup, and I 100% put that down to watching youtube videos, aren’t they the best? It also makes me want to buy everything they use so I can at least try at recreating their flawless makeup looks! That Pommie Girl is a favourite of mine, and her contouring skills are second to none! One of the products that she uses to achieve her illuminating glow is with the Topshop Glow Pot in polish. For Topshop makeup I am seriously impressed, it has such a beautiful white iridescent colour, and it gives your skin a gorgeous pearly glow. It’s so easy to apply, and you barely need to use any as it does go a long way. Like I would with a standard powder highlighter, I use some of this on the inner corners of my eyes, tops of my cheekbones, end of my nose and under the arches of my eyebrows. It is by far the best product for highlighting your eyebrows with an arched brush, and I think it should be in everyone’s makeup bag this year if you don’t already have it!


Aesop Control Gel – £15.00

As I’ve mentioned in skincare posts before, I suffered from bad acne a few years ago and still do suffer from problematic skin, something that is definitely not helped by the stresses of work! Whilst exercising and a good diet help you from the inside out, some breakouts unfortunately can’t be stopped. Quinodern is a spot cream that I use for big spots as it quickly dries them out, however it makes your skin sting like no one elses business! Over time I’ve learnt that instead of drying the spot out you should be giving the spot moisture and nourishing it to let it heal and repair, and to not leave you with any other added skin issues like dry/cracked skin. This Aesop control gel does just that, it’s so nice to finally find a spot cream that doesn’t sting! It has a slightly lemony scent to it and it contains salicylic acid and niacinamide. It can be applied to your spot directly from the tube, although it’s more hygienic to do it with a cotton bud. This slightly sticky formula is so kind and calming to your skin, and it really helps with overall redness without drying and stinging your skin in the process!


Light Up Bath Duck

Long hot soaks in a bubbly bath are my favourite thing to do in the winter after a long day at work, and this light up bath duck that I got for Christmas really is the best thing ever for someone like me! Making my bath time even more relaxing, as soon as it hits the water it starts to light up and it changes into different mood enhancing colours. It looks so cute on the bathroom shelves when not in use too!


Sanctuary Spa Cleansing Burst Body Wash – £5.50

Okay, so technically it’s just a shower gel. But trust me, this Sanctuary spa shower gel is one of the most luxurious ones that I’ve tried, and one of very few that actually gets rid of the lingering smell of chlorine. Filled with bursting beads, it has the nicest nourishing formula for silky feeling skin. Another great shower gel discovery of 2015 was the Imperial Leather marshmallow shower gel, it really does smell as good as the real thing, and it’s completely guilt free!


Coco Loco Shampoo – £5.99

Lee Stafford is an all time favourite hair care brand of mine, towards the end of last year he brought out the new Coco Loco range of products which help you achieve silky soft, shiny hair. Admittedly I bought the range for my mum for Christmas, but I have quickly commandeered it! It leaves your hair with the nicest coconut scent, which you can still smell after a few days! It lathers up really well and makes my hair feel squeaky clean, doesn’t all shampoo? I hear you say! But it really does, I feel like it strips my hair of all of the products and environmental stresses, and it does work really well for my hair!


Benefit Air Patrol – £21.50

Mini Benefit cosmetics samples really are the best! They’re so handy for holidays, and the best way to see if you actually like something. One of their new releases towards the end of last year was Air Patrol which is essentially a primer for your eyes. The formula is a bit like a cream, and you only need to use a dot sized amount of it. It gives your eyelids a blank base for your eye shadow, contains SPF 20, and definitely helps my eye makeup stay on for longer! As you can see I’ve already bought the full size of this product as I can’t bare to have one makeup day without it now!

I’ve discovered some really amazing beauty finds this month and I will 100% be repurchasing them all! What beauty products have you been loving recently? Do you like any of these products? What would you like to try?

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