Lush Christmas Haul

As I mentioned in my What I Got For Christmas post, I think it’s evident that people might know that I like Lush a lot! I was lucky enough to receive quite a few presents filled to the brim of Lush goodness, these presents are always the easiest to guess as they have a faint whiff of Lush surrounding them, and that makes me very happy!! My Lush basket is now firmly stocked up on Christmas, normal bath bombs & bath melts! I’d better start working my way through them now as it’s going to be summer again in the blink of an eye…

Holly Golightly is such a stunning bath melt. This is the first year I’ve got my hands on this one and it is super glittery!! I’ve not used this one yet, but it has a seasonal scent of cloves and cinnamon.

Rose Jam seems to have been slightly revamped since the last time I had it. It now has the prettiest sprinkling of pink glitter covering it and it smells just as good! If you’re a fan of Turkish delight and rose scented products, this one is for you!

If you’re one of the many fans of snow fairy then Candy Mountain bubble bar will be like heaven for you. It has the very distinctive snow fairy scent and it will help you achieve blankets of bubbles, it’s probably one of the bubbliest ones I’ve ever used. They’ve done this one for a couple of years now and I get it every year! 

Dashin’ Santa, what a babe! I’ve already used a couple of these this year and can’t get enough of them! I love the red shade the bath goes, and it is ultra smoothing and silky on your skin.

I got a few snow angel bath melts for Christmas and I just love them!! The white part quickly melts into the bath leaving a really silky trail behind, whilst the gold part turns the bath a yellowish colour. Not forgetting that this bath melt is super glittery, you may be slightly covered in glitter when you get out of the bath!

I was lucky to receive this amazing gift set from James’ parents this year, it included the golden wonder bath bomb, cinders, lord of misrule, dashing santa AND peeping santa! Wow! Such a lovely box filled with festive bombs and melts that are all amazing. The only ones I haven’t tried before are Lord of misrule and peeping santa, I will definitely be having Christmas themed baths throughout the first part of the year, because why not?!

Isn’t peeping santa adorable?!!

I also received this lovely gift set from my cousin, including golden wonder bath bomb again and stardust. Stardust is a lovely twinkly bath bomb which is sweetly scented with vanilla and rosewood.

I was so lucky with all the lovely lush goodies I got, there really isn’t much that makes me happier than Lush! Now that Christmas is over, who’s excited for the release of their Valentines Day products?! I know I am!

What do you think of my Lush Christmas haul? Have you tried any of these products? Did you get any Lush presents for Christmas?

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