5 Of The Best Places To Take Blog Photos In Plymouth

When I started my Fashion blog in August 2013, the most adventurous outfit posts originated in my hallway, or garden. Despite how embarrassing they look now, we all have to start somewhere, and I find it all very humbling to see how far I have come and improved over the years, with outfits, locations and photography (thanks mum!). Being a Plymouth born & bred girl I like to think that I know the city very well, and because of this I have found some places that have become iconic locations for the background of my outfit posts. Although not limited to, these are 5 of the best places to take blog photos/outfit photos in the centre of Plymouth. I promise you these places won’t ever let you down, you may have to deal with a few passers by, but they let in the best light, have the best backgrounds and are all different and unique in their own way. Even if you’re not from Plymouth, these might give you a good idea or some inspiration to discover some new secret hideaways in your own city.



#1. The Barbican

Coming in at number 1 is the Barbican. Full of heritage, quaint charm & cobbled backstreets, the Barbican will always hold a very special place in my heart. Whether it’s a picture taken in the cobbled backstreets, by a row of old fashioned pubs or underneath flags, the Barbican offers it all. The only thing you do have to contend with is the wind & rain. I have failed to find one weekend that it hasn’t been like this, and with awful lighting it can be quite a challenge. Even if you’re not a blogger, or you’re visiting Plymouth for the first time the Barbican needs to be on your list, in my personal opinion it’s the best place to be in Plymouth, and it’s the most picturesque.


#2. Royal William Yard

Situated in Stonehouse, Plymouth near Devils Point, Royal William Yard is an amazing all rounder place which has lots of delicious food & drink venues and there is so many different places that you can pose for a shot. Royal Willam Yard was previously an old naval establishment that is still in the process of regeneration. Because of this the fabric of the buildings has not changed, offering a really industrialised backdrop. Even the antiques roadshow was held in Plymouth here last summer. Royal William Yard has a lot to offer and I’m excited for the future of it, what I do know is that it will remain one of the first places that I head to for photos.

#3. By The Sea (Hoe)

Being by the sea is my favourite part of living in Plymouth and I don’t think I could easily trade it for the city life in London just yet. Nothing is more scenic than being by the sea, and the Hoe in Plymouth offers a wealth of photo opportunities. Whether I’m by the beach huts, Tinside beach or posing by the sound, if you get the lighting right the pictures look amazing. It can get pretty wet and windy down here though and the weather can quickly change, so it’s best to be prepared and be able to pack up in a hurry if there’s a downpour!


#4. Pounds Park

Located next to the Life Centre swimming pool, about a 10 minute walk into town you’ll find this beautiful park. This becomes my go to place during the spring/summer and for good reason too. The park is full of blossom and they are usually in full bloom at April time. As you can see it just makes the most stunning background, making any outfit look errrmazing!! But being a park, you usually get a lot of dogs, kids and adults here which can make getting pictures a nightmare. So it’s best to go early in the morning or in the week if you can! Roll on the spring…

#5. Drakes Reservoir Park

We all have that one fail safe location that you can come to rain or shine! This place is located right next to Plymouth Uni, but it is always surprisingly quiet. The grey brick walls provide the perfect background, and it’s an area that lets in a lot of light. The bonus of this place is that it’s sheltered so you can still get those pictures even if the weather tells a different story. This location is the one with the least going on in the background, but it’s still a favourite of mine, and the lighting and dark background makes your outfit pop!

With the help of my location manager (my mum!) I’m always on the look out for new places to use for my outfit pictures to complement my existing favourites, so if you’re a local to the area, tweet me or drop me a message if you have any other ideas! Whether you live in Plymouth or not I hope you found this post interesting in some way, learning a bit about the area of Plymouth and its history in a few words. But these locations are not just for bloggers & outfit posts, if you’re looking for a nice place to take photos at any time of the year these will be perfect for you!

What do you think of these locations? Which location is your favourite? Do you have favourite outfit locations in your home town?

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