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A big Happy New Year to you all, wishing you all the most happiest and healthiest 2016! As cliche as it sounds, I really don’t know where this year has gone. I’ve definitely got a case of dejavu writing this, whilst remembering what I posted last year. As always 2015 has been a mixture of ups and downs, but life is intended to be a roller coaster ride after all, and everything always works itself out one way or another. Looking back at the resolutions I set for 2015 I can comfortably say that I achieved about 60% of them! Despite starting the year on bad health with ongoing stomach problems, I completely turned the year around and I am entering the new year on a high, feeling great! Whilst I still have my bad days, I’m feeling better than ever, and a new positive mindset, strict diet and frequent exercise has helped to combat that. I also landed myself a dream graduate job (digital marketing/seo/ppc) which I am eternally grateful for, learning invaluable experience that will stand me in good stead in the future. My blog has suffered slightly this year due to work commitments, but I have finally got into a good routine and will be posting much more regularly throughout 2016 which makes me very happy, blogging really has been a huge part of my life for the last 3 years and it won’t be leaving me any time soon!

The new year is such a refreshing time to look back on what you’ve achieved, and a motivational time to start afresh, it’s a reflective time that always makes me happy for the opportunities I have worked for and the amazing things I’ve done throughout the year. It also makes me incredibly excited for future opportunities, experiences and achievements. As a blogging tradition of mine I have split my main resolutions into two main categories:


1. Invest in a new camera lens

2. Keep the consistent posting up (2-3 times a week)

3. To further grow my following on Twitter/Instagram

4. Look to do one outfit post every week

5. Update my blog template

6. To read, discover and comment on more blogs
7. Start pinning more regularly on Pinterest


1. Complete the Breakwater Swim (an open water swimming series will be starting on my blog soon so you can follow my journey).

2. To maintain my health

3. To keep my life fully organised and scheduled & to keep on top of all my commitments 

4. Continue to train in the pool & crossfit (best thing I ever discovered in 2015!!)

5. Try to ditch sugar from my diet

6. Keep saving for a house deposit

7. Try a digital detox for a weekend
8. Gain some more weight – people don’t realise how hard it can be to gain weight, I only weighed 7 stone at the start of the year from being so poorly, but with a good diet I’m starting to finally gain weight again, and I am hoping to gain a bit more to get back to a good weight in 2016!

I am feeling so positive for 2016 and can’t wait to start making these goals reality! As well as these main resolutions I have the ongoing generic ones like travel more, stop worrying, and say yes more! These are all working progress, as for travelling its not so easy when you work full time and have to work everything around your days off, but when I can I will be making adventures to new places to share with you all! Next stop New York City…

Happy New Year! What are your New Years Resolutions for 2016?

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