10 Activities That Don’t Involve Alcohol


Firstly, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to read my Why it’s okay to be a teetotal 23 year old that I posted last week. I received such an overwhelming response of comments and tweets that were all so supportive and kind. I’m so glad that I was able to reach out to people and interact with others who like me, are also teetotal. I achieved what I set out to do and writing it down has actually felt like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders which is great! So, leading on from that I thought it was the perfect time to do a post on 10 activities that don’t involve alcohol. These ideas can be enjoyed by literally anyone who fancies a weekend without alcohol, a money saving activity or for someone who doesn’t like drinking. Now that alcohol is not my vice I spend my time and money on more worthwhile things I really enjoy, my list of 10 are catered for those of all budgets, whilst the majority really are cost free!

#1. Head to a cute cafe

If you’ve followed me long enough on any of my social platforms, you’ll know that I love seeking out the cutest, quirkiest and most delicious cafes! I love them so much that I put together a blog post of 10 of my favourite coffee shops in Plymouth. Now that I don’t drink, I much prefer having social gatherings in coffee shops, and I would go as far as saying that the coffee culture is almost reaching the height of the drinking culture in the UK. This really makes me happy as we seem to be getting even more amazing cafes by the month where I live. I also love going to one by myself, getting a hot chocolate, cake and reading a book. There’s something so calming and relaxing about it, I love watching the world go by too!

#2. Run yourself a Lush bath

I have failed to find any kind of situation that can’t be solved with a Lush cosmetics bath! I have pretty much worked my way through all of their bath bombs and bath melts ever made, and a good old soak in a hot bath is just the best! I can easily spend up to an hour in the bath without even realising. I would pick this over a night out any day!

#3.Go on a shopping spree

For those of you that have money to burn, a spot of retail therapy is good for the heart and soul! With all the money you save from alcohol & nights out, it’s much more justifiable and better spent on shopping. For a start you actually have something to show for it which doesn’t come in the form of a hangover! Window shopping is equally as pleasing, and fun to do with friends!

#4.Cosy night in with films, food & pampering

I think most people can vouch that a cosy night in is the fail safe option for a Friday or Saturday night, Whether you’re by yourself, or have company, some good food – I’m thinking homemade pizzas, cookies & ice cream, a pamper session and some films will help to while your evening away in a cost free way.

#5.Listen to some live music

Whilst you do have to be prepared that drinking goes on at bars, gigs and festivals, live music and band events happen every weekend, usually in smaller pubs/bars and even restaurants. It’s a refreshing change to watching the chart hits on the TV or watching films all weekend too.

#6.Learn something new

One of my aims for 2016, that should really be one of my resolutions is to learn something new. I also saw a 100 days challenge going around Instagram the other day in which you look to learn a new skill and build it up over 100 days, which I think is a really good idea. I really want to improve my Finnish this year, and also get my google adwords certification along with my work. Striving to better yourself all the time is the most rewarding thing that you can do for yourself, and setting small achievable goals will help you to reach your life long dreams in some way. 

#7.Do some baking

Baking delicious cakes and other indulgent goodness in the kitchen is the most satisfying way to spend your time. I spend my time scrolling past amazing recipes on Pinterest all the time, and I really need to make more of an effort in the kitchen this year to test some out. 

#8.Look for secret hideaways in your city

Despite living in your city for however long, I can almost guarantee that there will be areas that you have never visited before. I love this thought, and have made it a conscious effort of mine to discover new secret hideaways this year in Plymouth. It makes for a great adventure one weekend, and again you can do it alone or with company!

#9.Go to a local art cinema

Whilst I love going to the cinema at the weekend and watching the next block busters, if you look around your local city you’ll almost always find a local arts cinema showing independent films and events. We have a couple in Plymouth, with the Plymouth Arts Centre and the Barbican Theatre. I’m writing this because I’ve never made the effort to go before, I love trying out new things like this and it’s a great way to support your local up and coming stars!

#10.Watch a sporting event

I absolutely hate football and rugby, but have never ever been to see a live sporting event like this, so what can I know? They’re meant to be so much more exciting in the flesh, and despite the fact that I probably won’t have a clue what is going on, it’s getting out of the box and trying something new that I normally wouldn’t. When I lived in Finland it was all about ice hockey matches which really was amazing, there is different sporting events that happen all over the country and world, with most happening on weekends. So there’s no better opportunity get out of the house and do something worthwhile that doesn’t involve drinking.

You don’t have to be confined to the comforts of your home for the weekend just because you don’t drink, and if anything, getting out there and exploring and doing more things than you wouldn’t have done before is the best thing. I have made so much more use of my time than I ever did before, and I’m always looking for new and exciting things to look forward to. With this list I always have an activity to fall back on and plan by myself, or with friends!

What do you think of my ideas? Do you have do any other activities that don’t involve alcohol?

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