My Favourite Things About Christmas


Now that there’s only 10 days until Christmas I’m finally starting to feel festive, and as for most people the run up to Christmas really is my favourite time, filled with my favourite festive things to do and traditions. New Look kindly gifted me one of their amazing novelty Christmas jumpers to get into the festive spirit and to share with you all how I usually like to spend my Christmas. I could be here all day telling you my favourite things about Christmas, so here are just a few things that make the build up to Christmas extra special for me!







Black Penguin Fairisle Christmas Jumper* – New Look

Christmas Jumpers

You’ll be hard pushed to try and find one year that I don’t bring out the Christmas jumpers to wear in the run up to Christmas and on the big day, it’s an easy way to get into the festive spirit. Christmas jumper day at work is also this Friday, it’s kind of a tradition for me to wear a garish Christmas jumper on Christmas day too, so this novelty jumper from New Look fits the bill (they have a great selection of novelty jumpers like this too!). It even has jingle bells for the topping of the Christmas puddings and red sparkly pom poms for rudolphs nose, this jumper really does the whole sha-bang! As the years go by Christmas jumpers seem to get more garish than ever before, and I kinda like it! Nothing says Christmas like an in your face jumper that’s something your parents would have worn in the 60s!


Cosy nights in

Cosy nights in are something I relish in all year round, but it’s not quite the same when it’s the summer and it’s still light at 9pm! Getting dark at around 4 every day does have it advantages and with the colder days a cosy night in with festive films, hot chocolates and snacks are just what is needed! I try to make more time to do this over Christmas and it’s much better sharing it with your family or friends!


Wrapping Presents

I don’t know what it is but I just LOVE wrapping presents, I try to outdo my wrapping skills and actually have a Pinterest board dedicated to gift wrapping this year..I’m obsessed! I’m using brown wrapping paper as my base this year and will be sharing my gift wrapping ideas on the blog in the next week! 


Looking At Christmas Lights 

There’s nothing more festive than going for an evening walk and admiring all the pretty Christmas lights. The perfect time to soak up the beauty of these lights is when you’re delivering Christmas cards to your neighbours. I also spend the run up to Christmas buying lots more Christmas decorations that I definitely don’t need!


Calories consumed during Christmas don’t count right? Festive food is just the best and it gets better as the days in December roll by, you have to blow out the year on a high scale of gluttony, ready for all those new years resolutions to kick in! Whether it’s chocolate, cakes, biscuits, cheese or pigs in blankets – I will be spending the majority of my Christmas eating food!



Okay, so we might not all say it but presents are one of the best bits about Christmas – and I don’t just mean receiving them (although that is fabulous!). I love picking out presents for the special people in my life and I love seeing their faces on Christmas day. It makes all those hours spent in queues and stuffy shops definitely worth it!

Quality Time With Family & Friends

But most of all I love spending my Christmas with family and friends. Life is incredibly hectic for me at the moment and if I’m not at work I’m out with friends, exercising, blogging or having a weekend away. Christmas is the only time that I can properly sit down relax and enjoy the best company without any distractions or interruptions! So for me that really is my favourite way to spend Christmas!

Christmas really is just the best time of the year! The run up to Christmas really is the best bit though as I find Christmas day comes and goes in a flash so it’s the little things like this that I love spending my time doing during Christmas!

How do you usually spend your Christmas? What are your favourite things at Christmas? Do you have any different traditions?

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