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If there’s one thing I love more than Christmas it has to be surprises! After a long week at work last week it was such a pleasant surprise to see this little box of Merry #Kissmas goodies* on my doorstep from HQhair. HQhair has such a great beauty offering with everything from hair products right down to nail varnish for your toes. There are so many great beauty ideas for stocking fillers and it’s never to late to jot some of these ideas down onto your Christmas wishlist either! Santa in the form of HQhair really did come early for me this year!





Grow Gorgeous Overnight Gorgeous Hair Masque* £21.99

My hair always screams out for a conditioning hair mask in between harsh exposure to chlorine and damage from the sun. What I love about HQhair is that they have such a wide range of brands that I’ve never heard of or seen in the shops before. From the Grow Gorgeous range, this overnight to gorgeous hair masque is intended to be slathered on your hair before bed and rinsed off in the morning so it has a nice long time to soak into your hair. It works by smoothing, hydrating and strengthening your hair – a great mask for those who use a lot of heat on their hair too. So far I’ve only used this as a conditioner which I’ve left on for 5 minutes and my hair has felt so sleek and soft afterwards, when I get a chance I will definitely be wearing this one to bed!

Makeup By Hd Brows Eyeshadow Palette In Vamp* £29.00 

Pur Minerals Eye Palette*

Like shoes and handbags a girl can never have too many eye palettes! These two palettes are perfect for both day time and night time eye looks. The HD brows palette is ideal for creating a dramatic and vampy eye look, the powders are highly pigmented and the shimmer it creates is just beautiful, it would look so good as a smoky eye with lashings of eyeliner. The Pur minerals palette is for me the typical type of shades that I would wear every day, the colours work perfectly together as a subtle smoky eye and it comes with a handy mirror and eye shadow brush which is perfect for travelling. These are two brands I have never tried before and it’s always nice to be able to test out new brands that undoubtedly I will end up loving!

Maybelline Master Kajal Eyeliner* £7.00

Since this arrived I’ve pretty much used it every day in my makeup routine! I love how easy it slides onto my eyes and it’s nothing like a conventional black eye liner pencil that can feel scratchy and sharp on your eye lids. Its consistency is a bit like a soft crayon and it’s so easy to apply that it should be a makeup staple for everyone!

Makeup by HD Brows Lip Gloss* £15.00

Every girl loves a lip gloss! It has a subtle pinky shade which is more clear and glossy than anything which makes it a perfect every day shade. So far I’m impressed with the HD brows makeup and like always I wish I had tried out their makeup sooner!



Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring* £6.99

This is the perfect compact  contouring kit for beginners like me who are still learning the art of contouring! This shade is in light/medium which really works well with my skin tone, I usually go for a bronzer that is slightly darker for a more defined and chiseled look, but this is a great one for a work look or for those with pale skin who are worried about their skin looking ‘dirty’ with a bronzer. It also has a handy highlighter next to it which can even be applied at the same time as the bronzer if you’re careful with how you apply it to your brush. You can cheat your way to an easy contoured face with this kit in a few seconds flat which is what I love about it!


Garnier Ultra Lift*

I’ve been saying for the last year or so that I’m too young to wear any anti wrinkle cream, but do you know what I actually saw frown lines on my head the other day (a mixture of laughing & frowning at my computer screen I think!), I don’t think its ever too early to prepare your skin for ageing and as part of the Garnier ultra lift range this eye cream claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and can easily be applied around the eye area with its handy nozzle. I’ll get back to you about how I get on with this one!


Hand Chemistry Heel Hydration Complex* £14.99

I love Hand Chemistry!! I was first introduced to the amazing hand cream in the Look Fantastic beauty box which was incredibly nourishing and beautifully scented. Now my hands are sorted for winter, I’m thankful for this heel hydration complex cream. It works by targetting dry and cracked heels and to prevent the hard skin cycle from forming again. If you’re looking to test out their range for the first time they do a Hand Chemistry set which includes all of their top sellers!


Redken Metal Fix Liquid* £14.25

For someone who doesn’t colour their hair anymore, these Redken metal fix liquids really excite me! They take me back to school discos where I used to wear streaks in my hair and spray paint my hair a wacky shade. These redken metal fix liquids are perfect for jazzing up your hair which gives shimmery and metallic results, don’t think that this goes on as a block colour. It’s much more subtle and sophisticated, I think I will be saving these for new years eve!



Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Limited Edition* £13.50

Can a girl ever have a thing as too many tangle teezers?! Never! I now own 5 and I love each one I get! A tangle teezer is my most used hair product and I now have one for all of my work bags, casual bags and swimming bags which is amazing! This limited edition Tangle Teezer is SO pretty, I really am such a sucker for limited edition items, this one won’t be around for long so make sure you get one now so you don’t miss out!

What do you think of these products? Have you tried any of these products?

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been sent to me for review. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own

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