Lush Haul!

I can’t believe my birthday was over a month ago now, time really is flying by and it will be Christmas before we know it, which I am already SO excited about! In true Birthday fashion I received A LOT of Lush stuff as you can see, I was one lucky girl as there really isn’t anything I love more than seeing a Lush paper bag or gift set, I can usually smell it before I see it though, and I am just so happy with all of the bits I received. I am now well stocked up on bath bombs & bubble bars to keep me going for a while, but we all know this little lot won’t last very long! 

As well as lots of individual bath bombs and bubble bars I received 3 Lush gift sets! I just love the designs on the packaging too, I always save the wrapping paper from them as it’s too good to throw away, and I usually reuse it on other peoples presents!

James got me this amazing box of Lush goodness, called Happy Bathday for my Birthday, it took me about a week to realise that the box didn’t say Happy Birthday! This set includes 6 bathing beauties, including bath bombs, bubble bars and red fun to play with in the bath. It also came in the most amazing tin that I will definitely be reusing, I thought it would make a pretty cake tin but I’m not sure the Lush smell would ever really go away? It also came with an adorable Bath Day garland printed onto colourful ducks that you can see floating around these pictures!

Next up was the Shiny Happy People gift set, it’s hard for a smile not to creep on your face with this canary yellow wrapping paper. The set includes a lovely smelly soap, happy hippy shower gel and some more bath fun – I’ve never use these before so I’m really looking forward to playing with it in the bath one night to see what creations I can make!

Such a Blooming Beautiful present to receive! This set included a rose jam bubble bar and sakura bath bomb, these no longer exist as I’ve already used these in my bath and the sakura bath bomb is a definite favourite! It smells amazing (doesn’t it all?!) and it makes the prettiest bath! I love these smaller gift sets from Lush as they make such pretty presents!

As well as three lovely gift sets packed full of lushness, I got lots of individual bath bombs and bubble bars too!

The experimenter is one of my favourites because of how it looks and how it fizzes away in the bath, but the end grey result of the bath is kind of disappointing when it’s such a colourful bath bomb to start with! 

Yoga bomb is divine! Don’t be fooled by it’s plain orange appearance as once it’s been fizzing a while it starts exploding with more colours, I really wasn’t expecting that!

Amongst the some of the new products I received, there were a few favourites like granny takes a dip in bath bomb and bubble bar form, cinders (if Christmas was a smell) and sparkly pumpkin – saving this for a Halloween bath this week! 

I also got a Lush gift card from my parents which I will be putting to good use on the newest Lush products! It won’t be long until I’ve worked my way through this lot and I will be stocking up on Christmas bits and bombs for my Lush basket! It’s fair to say that this will keep me going for a while though! 

Have you spotted any of your favourite Lush products? What Christmas Lush products would you recommend?

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