10 Of The Best Independent Coffee Shops In Plymouth

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Despite not drinking coffee myself, I love nothing more than heading to a coffee shop on my days off for a delicious treat on the weekend, whether it’s by myself, catching up with friends or to get some work done, either way you just can’t beat it.

It’s a given that every coffee shop I also go to I have to Instagram the food. Cos, did it even happen if you didn’t take a picture though?

There are so many cafes and coffee shops in Plymouth now which are both branded and Independent. Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than a Starbucks or a Costa, but when a hot chocolate and a cake comes to about £8 I would rather be lining the pockets of a local and independent coffee shop. In the past couple of years we have had lots of new ones popping up and of course I have been eating and drinking my way around them.

Based on my extensive time eating and drinking around Plymouth and so you don’t have to, here are 10 of my favourite independent coffee shops in Plymouth that everyone should visit if you ever find yourselves in Plymouth. Be warned that you may feel particularly hungry after reading this post!

*This post has been updated as of August 2021 to ensure the freshest coffee shops in Plymouth are listed.

#1. Seco Lounge

Kicking it off with one of my all time favourites, Seco Lounge. This place is iconic in the Royal William Yard, in the original, industrial building of the old victualing yard. I’m not lying when I say I probably come here 4 times a week. lol. It is a local of mine though so I think that makes it acceptable, right?

What I love is that Seco is perfect for a big gathering, a date night, a mid morning cuppa or parking yourself for the day and getting some work done. They have a great selection of drinks, cakes and meals and it’s really affordable too. If the weather is nice there is no better place to sit outside with a drink than here!

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#2. Hutong Cafe

Located before the entrance way to the Royal William Yard, it’s become that favourite local cafe that you can go to again and again and never get bored of it. I’m talking first name terms with the owners and knowing your order off pat.

But seriously, when Hutong opened in 2017 it easily became my favourite place. Previously a pub, it still has the beautiful stone work on the interior and has been brought into the 21st century to create such an edgy, Shoreditch style vibe. There really was nowhere like this in Plymouth before and everything I’ve eaten or drank here has been amazing. 100% recommend the hot chocolates with their homemade meringue during the winter. Cosy vibes or what? <3

They have also had a recent refurbishment done in 2021, what with the pandemic they are currently only doing takeaway service, but right next to the seafront there is plenty of places to go and enjoy your goodies. They have started doing bagels this year and MY GOD, it’s like a little slice of New York heaven.

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#3. The Boathouse Cafe

The Boathouse Cafe is situated on the Barbican and has the most perfect view of the yachts in the harbour. They have a full menu and are often open late into the evening. This is a lovely place to stop off for a warm or cold drink whatever the weather.


#4. Prime Cafe Bar

Prime Cafe Bar is without a doubt one of my favourite cafe finds from 2016, and it’s not a place that many people know about. It’s tucked away in Ebrington street which since the arrival of some new cafes I’ve never even visited before, and I had definitely been missing out. Ebrington street is really up and coming in Plymouth with a bit of an edgy vibe to it.

Prime Cafe Bar is a place that I could imagine coming to by myself, sinking into their cosy armchairs and blogging for the day, whilst surrounded by copious amounts of tea and of course, cake. The best bit? No one would bother you. It’s probably one of my favourite coffee shops in Plymouth with a definite Hygge factor.

Their cake is amazing, and they serve generous portion sizes as you can see below. It’s 100% worth a visit away from the hustle and bustle of town, and if you get a window seat it’s perfect for people watching!


#5. The Waterfront

If you’re out and about on the hoe, I strongly recommend a mid morning visit to the waterfront. They are just based in West Hoe and directly by the seafront. I love coming here on a sunny day and grabbing a hot chocolate or tea by the sea, there’s really no better way to relax and enjoy the views.

The food here is also V good, I’ve had a couple of Christmas work meals here as well as multiple brunches and dinners! They’re dog friendly too.

best coffee shops Plymouth

#6. The Strand Tea Rooms

Located in the heart of the Barbican, this quaint tea room is stuff that dreams are made of. With mismatched tableware and a cluttered interior this place oozes character, old fashioned tea rooms are few and far between and this is the first one I have found in Plymouth. Their cream teas and cakes are SO yummy, you’ll also have a pretty sweet view of the harbour!


#7. YAY! Koffee & Laundry

This one hasn’t been open for very long and is situated on Mutley Plain. I absolutely love the concept of this coffee shop as you can combine washing your laundry with stopping off for a coffee and a piece of cake. Waiting for your washing to finish can be boring so I think this concept will really work. Needless to say you don’t need to be washing your laundry to be able to go!


#8. Rhubarb & Mustard

Rhubarb and Mustard was that cafe that I would walk past every weekend and exclaim ‘I really want to go in there’ – alas, during the winter at least they don’t open on the weekends which is fair enough because situated opposite the Pavilions I don’t think there’s all that much footfall on the weekend as most people head to the centre or elsewhere. However, I managed to make it down their one weekday and fell in love. I just love that Plymouth is home to such an amazing selection of cool, different and most importantly, Instagrammable eateries.

They have a different lunchtime menu everyday, but mostly I’m there for their hot chocolates and cake, OBV.

best coffee shops Plymouth

#9. Chocaccino

Who doesn’t love chocolate? On the cobbled streets of the Barbican you’ll find Choccaccino, you’ll be warmly invited in by the sweet smells of chocolate, and there is plenty of chocolately delights to choose from. I treated my mum to an afternoon tea here last year and everything was chocolate themed, there were chocolate chip scones, chocolate sauce, truffles, mousses…the list goes on. Is there ever such a thing as too much chocolate? I’ll let you decide!


#10. The Americano Coffee House

Last but not least is the Americano Coffee House! Located in the busy shopping area of Plymouth by the Drake Circus mall, I can only describe the interior as looking like a cave, but a nice one! So many comfy chairs and sofas and everything is lit up by twinkly fairy lights. There is so much choice of smoothies, milkshakes, warm meals and cakes to indulge in. This is a perfect place to visit in the winter as it’s just so cosy!


So, that’s my round up of the 10 best independent coffee shops in Plymouth, it was definitely a lengthy one! A few of these places are off the beaten track though and I want as many people to know and love them as much as I do. With so much choice, its always a difficult decision to decide where to eat next…

Just for reference this was updated as of August 2018 and they are all still very much open!

Have you visited any of these before? Which coffee shop would you like to visit in Plymouth? Do you prefer chains or independent cafes? If you liked this post, you might also like my post on 10 of the best places for breakfast in Plymouth.

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