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I still can’t get my head around the fact that it is June already! The years really do seem to fly by when you get older, the only plus side is that my holidays are now on the horizon, I’m going on a Mediterranean cruise at the end of the month and also to Mykonos in August for a week (super excited!). As my clothing and beauty obsession gets worse year upon year I get lumbered with the job of trying to condense 2 wardrobes worth of clothes into a tiny suitcase for a week. The reason I love cruises that leave the UK the most is that you can bring as much stuff as you want, of course  our car can only fit so much so I still have to be sensible. If you have read my cruise posts before, I’ve mentioned that it’s a common thing to change your clothes at least 3 times a day (heaven!) so I thought I would plan ahead and share some of my suitcase essentials for you and tips to make sure you never forget anything!



Write a list – A list will create the main foundations for your packing and this is probably the hardest bit. I found a template off pinterest last year that had the main staples you need for a holiday which I found super handy, as an avid list writer anyway it makes the packing process much easier and ensures you don’t miss out anything important.


Toiletries – A beauty blogger will never be without her overflowing makeup bag and wash bag. Toiletries can be incredibly heavy and it is always a worry if you have a certain weight restriction to fly with. Regardless to this I never take full size products anyway, I either buy mini sizes of shampoos etc or I decant full size bottles into smaller empty bottles, you can buy a pack of these for £1 from Primark, this is a much more cost effective way of doing things. I also save up samples and mini beauty items throughout the year to take away with me, Benefit do the cutest mini makeup items. Some hotels even provide you with showergel, shampoo etc so it might be worth researching that beforehand. I also never carry a full sized perfume with me anymore after my last one leaked all over my suitcase and ruined my clothes, not to mention wasting my favourite perfume *sobs*. I always decant this into a travel perfume atomiser now, they are so much easier to carry and can easily be slipped into a handbag for when you are back at home too.


Clothes –  You wouldn’t get far on a holiday without any clothes, I always panic about my suitcase not turning up at the airport, it’s probably my worst nightmare. Anyway, clothes really are the one thing I never stint on and I always take far too much and never end up wearing half of it. On cruises you have to cater for the formal nights too which I usually carry on separately in a suit/dress cover. With clothes I would take your staple pieces like white tops, denim shorts etc which can be re worn again but with different items, this way you half the amount of things you have to bring with you if you are short on space. I always roll my clothes when I pack them as you can fit much more in. I really do think it’s a lot about the way you pack your suitcase that dictates how much you can bring, taking the time to pack really does help you in the long run, however tedious it is!


Medical supplies – If you take medication you really don’t want to forget this!! I always take a little first aid/medical kit with the essentials in such as paracetamol, plasters, hand gel, sun cream etc, these products are always much more expensive at airports and abroad as they know that travellers will want to buy this type of thing. Once abroad you never really know what you are buying, so it is best to stick with medication brought from home if you can manage it.


Don’t over pack – I never over pack my suitcase as I always have the thought in my mind that I might want to buy people presents for people to bring back home. Previous holidays when I visited Orlando I would never pack my suitcase to the top, and only take old clothes to chuck away and I would then bring back a suitcase full of new clothes bought from all the discounted malls, it was amazing!


Weigh your suitcase – If you do have a weight restriction on your suitcase I would 100% recommend weighing your suitcase on some scales or a handheld portable strap luggage scale that will indicate whether it’s overweight or not. There is nothing worse than having to unpack your suitcase at the airport to redistribute the weight.


Most importantly…Don’t forget your passport, travel documents and specifically your Iphone, ready to catch every moment of your holiday to be uploaded straight to Instagram, you’ll thank me later!


AgeUK have also put together a really handy selection of tips to help you pack for your holiday, they also have lots of tips for packing for a cruise which will be incredibly helpful for me in the next few weeks!


What do you think of my tips? What are your suitcase essentials? Are any of you off on any holidays this summer? Have you been on a cruise before?

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