Holland & Barrett secret celebrity beauty secrets!

celebs weird and wonderful beauty secrets. Scarlett Johansson - Cider Vinegar. Catherine Zeta-Jones - Strawberries. Victorian Beckham - Bird Poo. Louise Redknapp - Snail Gel. Sienna Miller - Tomato Ketchup. Demi Moore - Leeches. Halle Berry - Coffee. Gwyneth Paltrow - Snake Venom

We all have our own beauty secrets that you may have discovered yourself or learnt after being past down by family members. As part of Holland & Barrett‘s Weird and Wonderful products campaign, they have commissioned the above infographic on ‘Celebrity Secret Beauty Weapons’.

I know I for one have always wanted to know how certain celebs achieve their flawless looking skin, shiny locks and white teeth – with all cosmetic procedures and air brushing technology to the side! I found reading this infographic so refreshing that some celebs really do use natural alternatives to achieve a desired look, some stranger than others… 

It really does enforce how far celebs will go to get that perfect look. But as the saying goes don't knock it until you've tried it huh? My beauty secrets are boring compared but still just as effective, I have used lemon juice to lighten my hair in the sun which works incredibly well and for looking after my cuticles & hands a cheaper alternative to a fancy cuticle oil is extra virgin olive oil! 

What do you think of Holland & Barret's infographic? Would you try any of these beauty secrets or already do them? Do you have any beauty secrets? 

*This post was a collaborated with Holland & Barrett but all opinions are 100% my own

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