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There really is nothing better than Spring, it means that we have left behind the cold winter and we can finally see summer on the horizon, yippee. As well as the beautiful blossom, balmy evenings (still waiting for this..) and pretty wisteria I love the new beauty products that come onto the market and that the brighter and bolder makeup colours and sun kissed skin comes out to play! HQHair have 100% satisfied my beauty needs this spring and sent me a fab bundle of products to get me ready for spring. They have everything covered from my hair, right down to my toes! You’ll be spring ready in no time at all with these products to help you on your way…

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi shampoo £14.25*, The Detangler £19.95* and Sculpting foam £11.25*

I absolutely love trying out new haircare ranges on my long hair and as I’m sure most girls can relate to,dry and tangly hair is a common problem. It tends to dry out a lot from the winter weather and from constant abuse from the chlorine in the pool so any type of conditioning treatment is warmly welcomed by my hair. This is a Paul Mitchell conditioning set that comes in the nicest packaging! They are salon size products so you definitely get what you pay for with these, as they are typically seen in salons too you know they are going to be a good set of products.

I have been using the shampoo and conditioner together for the majority of my washes over the past 3 weeks and I love how it has made my hair feel. The conditioner is super conditioning and I have been leaving it on my ends for a few minutes before washing it off. The detangling agent in it also provides UV protection which will make it an instant addition to my wash bag for holiday as I always wonder how best to protect your hair from the sun, as although the blonde highlights are nice it’s incredibly damaging for your hair. I’m still working on finding a cream to protect my scalp though as it always burns, any recommendations? The sculpting foam isn’t something I use in my every day routine, but if you have curly hair, or want to create beachy waves for the summer then this is your answer. If you’re curling your hair with a wand you can apply the foam beforehand as it really helps to hold your curl for longer, long hair is a nightmare as it never stays curly for long as it just drops out, so sculpting foam will be the way forward for me if I want to achieve lovely curls. As it is also conditioning it helps to add the moisture back in, I would also recommend using a heat defense spray too! I think this is a great little set for spring/summer as it’s when your hair really does need the most conditioning, all that sun, sea and chlorine really does take its toll in the end. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque Lipstick 01 Appechissant £8.99*

When it comes to lipsticks I’m not that adventurous and generally stick to nudes, but in the summer I do like to add a pop of colour to my lips to complement my tan (if I have one..). The new Bourjois Aqua Laque lipsticks are applied like a lip gloss and the formula is super shiny and glossy and gives your lips hydration for up to 10 hours!

It is soo easy to apply and is just like any other lip gloss really, it gives a much thicker coverage than a standard lip gloss though which is why it’s also a bit like a lipstick. They come in 8 gorgeous shades, all perfect for spring and summer! I have spotted a nude/pinkish Aqua Laque called rose on the rocks that I am definitely going to have to purchase..

Nars Laguna Tahiti Bronzer Laguna £39*

Nars is such a beautiful brand with amazing quality, my first experience with Nars was using my friends bronzer at camp in the US where I had brought very little makeup with me. I always remember how amazing it had been and how beautifully sun kissed my skin looked after many weeks of abusing my skin in the sun. Since then Nars has become massively popular with bloggers as has the well known Nars Laguna bronzer. I jumped with joy when HQHair sent over the Tahiti Bronzer Laguna to try out! 

This bronzer can be used for your face and body and it also comes with a mirror and the cutest brush, making it perfect for on the go touch ups and for travelling.

As you can see the bronzer is very fair, light coloured brown but it has a great pay off of colour. It has been fantastic for contouring my cheeks and the colour will suit all skin types as it’s not too dark, there is nothing worse than bronzers that give you a dirty look. I use it on my cheek bones, around my hair line, down the sides of my nose and jaw line for that chiseled look. It has become my favourite bronzer and will be using it all the way through spring and summer!

Pixi by Petra Endless silky eye intensify duo £15* 

I love this little eye duo from Pixi by Petra as you can intensify and brighten your eyes at the same time, giving you a much more dramatic eye look! As if it’s not good enough it’s also waterproof so will be perfect for the beach, swimming in the sea and shedding tears over how fantastic the summer has been (heres to hoping!).

The pencils have a really good colour pay off and are super easy to apply, just like you would with any other eye pencil. The colour lasts all day and I didn’t even notice any of those annoying smudges you get at the corners of your eyes. I have been using this by applying the black liner to trace the above lashline and the bottom line and then highlighting the inner and outer corners with the lighter shade. As with any highlighter product they always help to brighten up the specific area and won’t be far from this product this spring.

Pixi Nail Varnish Sweet Strawberry £8.00*

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with nail varnishes, and will often end up buying another one or two when I’m passing boots or superdrug. Pixi have some great nail varnishes in their range and this colour could not be more suited for spring. The varnish super shiny and on the nail wheel the colour was with only one coat! When I wore it on my nails I used two as my nails are always partial to a chip, I was so impressed as they lasted almost a week without chipping. As the colour is so eye catching I got lots of compliments on my nails, so thanks Pixi!

 Madame La La West Coast Face bronzing Serum £28.00*

This leads us on to the final area of beauty to get us ready for spring, the tan! When I have fake tanned in the past I’ve always wondered, do I use it on my face too? With makeup usually making your face look more darker anyway I have usually skipped it. But if you want those days when your skin looks more natural without makeup then you do need to invest in a tanning serum specifically for your face. I’ve never come across Madame La La before, they are a brand which specialise in self tanning products, I absolutely love the packaging of it and this facial bronzing serum aims to deliver sun kissed skin which contains vitamin c and coco water and green tea to help hydrate your skin.

The instructions for self tan are pretty self explanatory but it’s great that the bottle provides you with a quick guide on how to achieve the best look.

The tan comes out of the bottle really easily, as demonstrated above. I must admit I was quite startled at how dark the tan came out of the bottle as my skin is quite fair during the winter.  I decided to test it on my hand first as I didn’t want to end up looking ridiculous for work the next day. It is also a very liquidy formula, for some reason I was expecting it to be foam. As it is liquid you really need to ensure that you have covered your face evenly with it, I would also strongly recommend using a mitt or gloves as it does stain your hands. The product itself does not have much of a smell to it which is a bonus with any fake tan product, unfortunately it is just far too dark for my skin at the moment but if I do a dark fake tan on my body for a night out, the facial serum will be a brilliant match for it. I will also use it once I have a natural tan from my holidays in the summer to help the tan stay for longer! Well, life really does seem better with a tan in my opinion anyway, roll on the summer sun so I can start using this properly!

Woah..there was a lot of amazing products right?! HQHair have some amazing beauty products, fragrances, skincare, basically everything a girl could ever need and want! I would definitely recommend having a browse on there as you’re bound to find something you like. As for the products I tried out I really did like everything, however the stand out for me was definitely the Nars bronzer as it has got to be the best bronzer I have ever used for contouring, I fear that this may have started a new found addiction for Nars, luckily HQHair stock lots of other Nars products so you may see a haul very soon…

What do you think of these products? What would you like to try? Have you bought anything from HQhair before?

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been sent to me for review. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own

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