10 ways to de-stress your life!


I feel like this is a very relevant post to write right now, as many of you can probably relate it’s really not easy to juggle a job, university or school as well as competing with your every day life and writing a blog! Bloggers are driven people and if you’re like me I love to keep busy, almost too much sometimes that I forget to relax and appreciate the little things in life. Most of the times these things are appreciated in an Instagram photo and that’s where it stops. It really is necessary to take a step back from everything and to find the time to do so as being so busy you can often miss the tell tale signs for stress, anxiety and worry. It’s scary what bad effects stress can actually have on your overall body and for me my stomach problems have been the real indicator of stress for me and I think I was probably in denial that something like stress could cause some of the problems that I had been experiencing, so since I’ve admitted defeat and realised i can change my mindset, get myself back on track and learn to relax a bit more I wanted to share some of my top tips for de-stressing your life, most of which come cost free and since I have been doing so I really have felt so much better! Once you change your mindset you can do anything and these tips will keep you ticking over until you can go on a nice long holiday to relax some more…


1. I thought it would be best to start of with the easiest, cost free way to instantly de-stress. It simply is by deep breathing, self explanatory I know! if I’ve been in a nervous situation in the past such as a presentation or job interview to help ease the nerves I take a deep breath in through my nose for 10 counts and out through my mouth for 10, it immediately calms your nerves and helps to re focus. If you’re getting particularly stressed over a situation it’s equally as effective.


2. Head to the sea! Living by the sea definitely helps with this one, I’m not sure what it is about hearing the sea and basking in the sunshine, there is something very calming about it and if you close your eyes and take a deep breath it feels like you could almost be on a holiday, in that moment it helps you to remove yourself away from the worries and stress and live in the moment. If I can I try to get outfit pictures down by the sea too, it also helps that it makes a fabulous backdrop for my pictures!

3. Have a spa day. This is probably one of the most expensive ways to de-stress but it is totally worth it! Last week I headed down to a place in Cornwall called China Fleet which is a local health club and which has an Aqua Spa, it cost £16 but also included a pool and it was one of the most relaxing mornings ever, it had a jacuzzi, foot spas, different steam rooms and saunas, hot loungers – need I say more? It was fab! I felt so good afterwards and think it’s definitely something I need to do on a regular basis!


4. Take up yoga! Yoga is something I have been wanting to start for months now, as well as helping with flexibility etc its great for focusing your mind and relaxing your body. You dont even need to attend a class to do it as there are soo many youtube videos you can do from the comfort of your own home, Blogilates does some great yoga/pilates videos. Setting a few minutes aside each day to do it is more than achievable!

5. Surround yourself with positive people, meeting up with my friends always does me the world of good. When you get into a rut or you’re busy its too easy to say no and make an excuse for being busy but through my own experiences and trying to say yes more I always end up coming back having had the best time, with working 2 separate jobs it is hard to schedule in time but with planning an hour here or there it can help your overall peace of mind and take a break from working!

6. Social Media free zone – turning off all your mobile phones, laptops, tvs everything for an hour or more! Our digital lives really do take over, there doesn’t seem to be a spare moment that I’m not on it or scrolling my Instagram feed. With school, blogging and work, we do spend the majority of our day looking at some kind of screen and I don’t think we realise how much of an impact it can actually have. By switching it off for an hour and sitting in peace or reading a good book is the right kind of distraction we need. They also recommend switching off devices an hour before bed which helps you fall asleep faster as it allows your brain to switch off, I for one am terrible for not doing this!


7. Buy yourself a lush bath bomb! If you have read other posts like this to mine lush baths are a predominant feature, they do seem to solve all problems, I always feel much better after a long hot soak in the bath with a nice smelling bath melt or bath bomb (secret garden above is amazing FYI)! A nice, relaxing soak is one of the quickest ways to reach total relaxation and wash those stresses away.

8. Go for a nice long walk in the fresh air, this leads on from a social media free hour. Going for a brisk walk in the fresh air for 1 minute, 5 or more really helps to clear your mind. Any type of exercise for that fact is a great de-stresser!


9.Have a good laugh! I’m lucky to work with people that really make me laugh so much that my face and stomach are in pain from it and laughing really is the best cure for so many things as confirmed by Snoopy! Again this ties in with surrounding yourself with positive people, but of course it always helps if they are also hilarious! If you don’t feel like going out watch a funny comedy film or tv programme, I love bad neighbours/bridesmaids and of course the Inbetweeners! They are sure to put a smile on your face. Laughter is also said to improve your blood flow and help your heart, it really does have many more benefits than just making you feel more relaxed.

10. Get crafting! I’ve always been a worrier even from a young age about the smallest things and crafts were one of the things that I could completely get stuck into and lose track of the time and everything else. 


If I am having a particularly low moment I always remember the time that we had a taxi driver in Greece called Costas who kept repeating ‘no worry, no stress’ about everything – the Greeks are so laid back, sometimes too much but it always makes me laughs and as they say worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere! Just remember during your day that you can always find a spare moment to relax and de-stress, it’s best to combat the stress and know how to deal with it now before it gets out of hand! If all else fails book yourself on the next plane out of here… 

What do you think of my tips to de-stress? Do you have any other tips to add? Does stress cause you problems? Also please let me know if you like these types of posts as I have many others like this in mind!

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