How to have a cosy night in!

The days of being a party animal and staying up until the early hours of the morning are well behind me now and I would much rather swap my dancing shoes for a cosy night in in front of the TV! Yes, I’m only 22 and much rather going on 40 but I did probably way too much partying whilst I was at uni and with not being able to drink alcohol and being poorly a cosy night in is just the right medicine! I know a lot of people my age also feel like this and would much rather stay in, going out for a meal etc and there really is nothing wrong with that, I think there really is too much pressure on our age range to drink and go out all the time and I personally think it’s ridiculous! Without further ado here is how to have the cosiest stress free and alcohol free night in…

Run yourself a lush bath – There really is no better way to start a night in than with a lush bath of some kind, my recent lush haul means that choosing what to bathe with has never been so hard. Light some candles, run a hot bath and relax with a magazine – I can usually spend up to one hour in the least!

Pamper – Whilst I’m in the bath I make sure I’ve got some kind of face mask on and use a body scrub. I’m currently loving the above Body Shop face mask which I featured in a post last week (read here). Once I’m out of the bath I apply a yummy smelling body butter – I’m currently using boots extracts Brazil nut butter which smells amazing FYI! Pamper nights are the best.

Cosy PJS – I put on some cosy pjs and a big fluffy dressing gown. These Paddington Bear pjs have to be my favourite pjs to date – from primark too, the slippers are too! As soon as I get home from work the comfy clothes are on and it always makes me feel much better!

No social media – The only rule of the night in is no social media, with the only exception of instagramming the treats that are yet to follow, that is totally allowed because else did it really happen? Who knows.. A few hours detox from the world of the web is just what we all need, I for one know how much it can make us compare ourselves to others, I find I sleep much better if I haven’t been on my ipad for an hour before bed.

Treats – No night in is complete without treats of some kind, on Friday I conjured up the above little chocolate fondue. Ridiculously easy, not expensive to do, the presentation looks amazing and its sooo delicious!! Plus it even contains fruit, balanced diet right there. The list for treats goes on, popcorn, crisps, chocolate, sweets, you get the idea!

Pretty fairy lights – Before the evening of films start it’s time to get cosy by turning all the lights off and switching on some pretty fairy lights, I love the above Branch lights* from LED Hut, they have such a fab selection on their site and I also have some cute star fairy lights from there that I featured in my Christmas homeware haul. They are great quality and a few battery’s in them last for ages.


Movie/series marathon – Once you’re cosy it’s time for the film marathon to begin or alternatively a series marathon watching back to back episodes of your favourite show! I’m currently loving American Horror Story!

Of course these are just my main top tips of having the best cosy night in, other things that could be on the agenda too are;


Building a fort – How amazing does this look? One of these days I will be able to build a fort that is pinterest worthy! All you need is a bed, sheets and some fairy lights!

Reading – I’m currently reading Tanya Burrs book and loving it so far, I never get much time to do reading whilst I work and the fact that I probably spend way too much time on social media, so it makes a really refreshing change!

Dinner date – Take it in turns to make different courses for each other or make something from scratch together, like homemade pizzas!
Living room camp out – Invite your friends round, bring sleeping bags and plenty of blankets and camp out for the night watching lots of films in the dark!
Hot chocolate – So this one goes without saying, a yummy sweet drink just before bed, with hundreds of marshmallows, cream and even some chocolate mmm!
Board games – We are going old school with this one, I think I really should revert back to my childhood as I used to absolutely love monopoly, and the games can last for hours! Cue the next night in…

With Valentines Day fast approaching a cosy night in is the best cost free option! Do you prefer cosy nights over going out? What are your top tips for having a cosy night in?

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