Kebelo Enriching Hair Care Range Review


I’m back from an amazing trip in Finland now (more about that in another post!) and I’m back with lots of fresh new content to bring to you, I also have the rest of the week off work so I have plenty of time for once to do some blogging! Recently Lookfantastic introduced me to an amazing new hair care brand called Kebelo. New brands that come onto the market ridiculously excite me as I rarely ever stick to one type of shampoo/conditioner. Kebelo seem to be a great universal brand and have products suitable for every hair type. They offer 4 different types of ranges to suit each individual including; the Revitalising Range, Enriching Range, Silk Range and Velvet Curls Range. They also have some clarifying products too which are perfect for all hair types, more about that later… I have been testing these products for over a couple of weeks now so lets see how I got on…


The bundle of Kebelo products came beautifully wrapped!


 Kebelo The Ultimate Enriching Set* £29.85

I opted for the enriching range which is designed for normal to dry hair. The set includes a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask and they are all enriched with guar sugar, wheat, argan and grape oil, this range intends to create softer, healthier hair that feels nourished from within. I think most people suffer from dry hair at some time in their life and no one likes having hair that resembles a piece of straw..This set is perfect for re hydrating dry and dull hair and restoring it to luscious and bouncy locks! 



I adore the packaging of these products, the different colours on the bottles makes it much easier to distinguish which one is the shampoo and conditioner, is it only me that always gets mixed up?! The shampoo and conditioner complement each other really well. The shampoo lathers up really well  and you can tell that there is guar sugar and grape oil in the products, as they do smell pretty similar to grapes… but not in a bad way! I have then been using the conditioner afterwards which leaves my hair so silky and smooth. This set was a no brainer for me as with long hair I do suffer with dry ends so it’s really helped to add moisture back into my hair. On alternate washes I have been using the hair mask with the shampoo, you can leave masks on for however long you like really, this one suggests for 10-20 minutes, the longer the better in my opinion. As a real treat I love slathering my hair in this and wrapping cling film or a towel around my hair and sleeping with it in, as it gives your hair a nice long time to drink it up. As I swim a lot I also pop a good lathering of it under my hair cap and it works a treat from protecting it from the chlorine and preventing it from drying out even more!



Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo* (250ml) £12.95

I was also given the shampoo from the clarifying range to test out which is suitable for all hair types. Clarifying shampoos basically act as a detox for the hair, they help to exfoliate your hair and delicately strip the build up of chemicals from products, daily environmental factors and chlorine from swimming – an all round perfect product for me! This product can be used as little as once a month to help keep your hair free from a build up. Personally, I have been using this in most washes and have completely fell in love with it. The product strips your hair without being too harsh and you can definitely tell the difference when using this against a normal shampoo as it makes my hair feel a lot squeakier and dryer before putting conditioner onto my hair. Once dry my hair feels so much thicker, healthier and luscious and I could not recommend this product from the Kebelo clarifying range enough as it really is a product that everyone needs to look into using. It is natural for everyone to get a build up on their hair which does need to be exfoliated and gently removed occasionally, our hair is no different to our skin at the end of the day, the only difference is we can’t see the build up on our hair!


A big thank you to Lookfantastic to introducing me to Kebelo, my hair is feeling better than ever with the enriching range and a well overdue detox with the clarifying shampoo! The ranges are reasonably priced and the bottles will probably last me for a few months as you don’t need to use a lot of the product for each wash. I did love the enriching range but without a doubt the clarifying shampoo is the winner for me, I often forget that hair gets a build up and it’s probably worse for me as my hair is exposed to a lot of chlorine and this shampoo has helped to revitalise my tired and dull tresses and make them look better than ever, forget the teatox its all about the hairtox this month!

Have you heard of Kebelo before? Would you like to try out this range? What hair brands are your favourite?

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been sent to me for review. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own

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