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Only until about a year ago I discovered what a primer actually was and it’s only been within the last few months that I’ve starting wearing them with my makeup, and I really don’t know how I ever lived without a primer before! I’ve been using a few makes but the one that has been the best is Benefit the POREfessional which I’m sure a lot of you maybe use or know about, as it has been around for a couple of years now. Benefit really is one of my favourite makeup brands and the difference this has made to the staying power of my makeup is really impressive.


Benefit the POREfessional £24.50

So, firstly what is a primer? A primer can be applied under or over makeup and it is meant to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines, making your skin look more smoother and flawless, as well as improving the staying power of your makeup.

I tend to alternate between oily and combination skin which for me means that upon leaving the house for work with a full face of makeup I return looking like I’ve not even bothered. Makeup really does tend to slide off my face in the day and powders don’t even help in that department either. It really was time for me to start using a primer. I think I was reluctant to use one for so long as I didn’t want anything else to clog my pores up as I have spot prone skin, but I wish I never let this put me off as it really has changed my life!


As always I absolutely adore the packaging of this product and the door which opens to the mini porefessional action figure, you couldn’t dream this stuff up?! The Benefit marketing/advertising team have it down to a tee!



I use this primer under my makeup, I usually apply it to the problem areas on the T zone which are my forehead, nose and chin with my fingers. It is not a thick consistency at all and it rubs in really easily. As you can see it comes out of the tube with an orangey shade to it, but don’t let this worry you as it blends into your skin clear as you can see from the pictures above, so this product can be used for all skin types and colours. The liquid smooths into the skin beautifully and it feels really velvety and silky on the skin. 

I wait a few moments before then applying the rest of the makeup to my face. Makeup slides onto my skin with ease after using it and the formula really does help to fill out my pores. The difference between wearing makeup with a primer such as this beneath my makeup has made a massive difference, I come home from work with all of my makeup still in tact, it also helps to keep the grease at bay and stop my forehead shining like an oil slick, I do still use my powder with this to set my makeup though,

The POREfessional is the perfect product for people who just want to smooth their skin out under their makeup, those with combination/oily skin who find their makeup slides  off and I can see that this will be a miracle worker throughout the summer as makeup literally does slip off your face in the heat. The price of this product I think is reasonable as it does last for ages as you really only need to use a small amount for each application. I really don’t know where I would be without this trusty primer, I just wish I had met you sooner!

Do you wear a primer? What do you think of the POREfessional? Which primer is your favourite?

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