Click N Curl Review – It ruined my hair…


A few weeks ago Hair and Whiskers sent me over a Click N Curl* to review, I’m always intrigued when I hear about new hair brands and different appliances to curl your hair with. Although my hair is super long it means it can be uber flat and I rarely curl my hair because it just takes so long to do.

Anyway.. Click N Curl is a new product on the market which promises to help dry, style and set your hair all in one go to provide you with gorgeous flowing curls which also help to add body and volume to your hair – something I am definitely in need of! What I thought would be a lovely curling appliance ended quite disastrously…

I am always honest in my posts regardless as to whether a product has been sent to me to review or not and I am extremely upset and disappointed with this product.

However, I will tell you all about the product start to finish and then you can decide for yourself whether you would try this out…


The Click N Curl set was beautifully packaged in a very executive looking box. If the packaging of a product is great you’re almost half way there with winning me over, well that’s where it stopped.

The set includes 3 boxes which include mix and match sizes of barrels to suit your particular hair length, the sizes available are 4 small rollers, 6 medium rollers, 4 large rollers and of course the universal handle which can be attached to each roller. I was slightly worried before opening the box that there wouldn’t be enough large rollers to cover my hair so I really think they have done well in offering this product for people with all lengths of hair.



The box comes with some really great instructions as to how to use these barrels to get the desired result and the best thing is it can be achieved in 3 easy steps, but is it really that easy?


1. Prep

They recommend washing and towel drying your hair first, then to attach one of the rollers to the handle and blow dry your hair as normal. For best results they say to blow dry until it is 90% dry.

I skipped this step as I very rarely blow dry my hair due to the damaging heat, I try not to wash my hair too much either as it takes an age to dry! Instead I dampened my hair down with some water and of course a heat protector spray, I use Loreal Elnette which is amazing!


2. Dry hair and place rollers

Quite simply you just need to wrap a barrel (any size you prefer) starting from the end of your hair and wrapping it in toward your roots. Once it is ‘tight against the scalp’ you use the hair dryer over the barrel to heat the barrel and hair. When the section is finished you simple press the release button on the handle and then repeat with the rest of your sections of your hair until you’re finished,

3 Cool and remove

The final step is to let your hair cool down, for best results leave the barrels in place until they have completely cooled down, the remove the rollers slowly one by one by unrolling them and you should hopefully have beautiful bouncy curls!

The verdict  – The bit you have all been waiting for!

Whilst attaching the barrels to the universal handle and detaching I did find this incredibly easy, however I experienced a lot of difficulty with the barrels staying in place as they kept rolling out, they stayed in much better when I rolled the hair under and upwards instead of outside and up.

My hair is definitely far too long and heavy and with the barrel, as well, it just wasn’t happening. I used less hair from then on in the barrels and I found the smallest barrels held my hair the best. It wasn’t a total disaster but I did find the whole thing time consuming – it took about 20 minutes of putting them all in. It definitely wasn’t the easiest and fastest thing to do and I definitely wouldn’t have time for something like this before work. However, I know my hair is extremely long and can already say it would be a lot easier for someone with shorter hair to use.

What happened next…


I couldn’t even look at the camera as I was in tears at this point..



The worst is yet to come… After removing the barrels I was left with one that would just not come out, I am always scared about using things like this as long hair can get easily tangled, I had a similar experience with bed hair rollers. I thought it would be something that could be removed within a few minutes.

I have never come across anything like this in my life, I have experienced tangles around hair bands etc but they have always come out. I spent ONE HOUR untangling this, the instruction guide states to ‘wrap it tight to the scalp’, well mine weren’t even staying in!! Yesterday was the worst day of my life I was in tears because I knew what the only way to solve this would be. After finally removing it from the barrel I was left with a massive ball of hair, as you can see above, I spent a further half an hour with conditioner, tangle teezer and my mum helping to untangle it, but it was a lost cause.

As you can see I had to cut a massive chunk out of my hair, having to cut a substantial amount from hip length to bob is the most gutting thing I have had to do, especially when it is against my will, I would have gone to the hairdressers if i wanted a cut.

When  I started using this yesterday I never imagined this to happen and I am so upset and disheartened at what happened for the sake of a few curls. If you have long hair I would not recommend using this at all. I am now having to go down to the hairdressers today to get it sorted, albeit I do have a lot of hair so it’s not noticeable but it is the principle of it and I do not expect to have to cut a huge tangle out of my hair from using a few rollers in my hair. I think any girls can vouch for me when something like this happens to your hair, it is truly upsetting.

So overall I spent 2 hours using the whole thing, I didn’t end up with curly hair and ended up cutting a huge chunk out of my hair so, forget Click N Curl it should be renamed called Click N Cut….

*I have since received a very sincere and well thought through apology from Click N Curl and Hair and Whiskers on twitter in the form of a series of pictures, head over to my twitter to see the whole apology! They have also said that they will be changing the product description and will state that it is not suitable for people with very long hair. I think the company have approached this sensitive matter very well and it has certainly cheered me up :)*

Has anyone else used the Click N Curl before? Would you buy it after seeing this?

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been sent to me for review. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own

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