October Degustabox review

It’s that time of the month again when I get to share with you the October Degustabox*! If anything can cheer me up half way through the week, its food! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Degustabox it is a monthly food box which contains 9-14 surprise products, and generously priced at only £12.99 makes it a bargain not to be missed!

Let’s have a look at what goodies I received this month…

Blue dragon sweet chilli sauce – £1.39 for two

I’m personally not a fan of sweet chilli sauce but my dad loves it so it’s definitely going to go to good use. He particularly likes having it with fish but I can imagine it would make anything more flavoursome and tasty!

Kents Kitchen – £2.50

This product is such a great concept and it is a three step kit which will provide you with an easy, authentic and tasty meal within 20 minutes. All you need to do is add the three pots to some fresh ingredients and you will create a restaurant quality meal. Again, I would have loved to have discovered a product like this at university, but this will help ease me back into cooking by myself again. It’s a great thing to pick up and use when time isn’t on your side too whilst still creating a healthy meal for yourself.

Special K cracker crisps – £1.89

I have been wanting to try these since they were released earlier this year. As a big fan of Special K I was expecting good things, I also naively thought they would be like the cereal…(they aren’t). They are so tasty and they make such a great and healthy,low fat snack, they aren’t quite crisps but I would say they are in between the size of that and snack a jacks. They come in a few different flavours so I am definitely going to try the sea salt and balsamic vinegar ones out next. I think they are also really reasonably priced for such a big bag too.

Solo marshmallow creme – £1.99

This months Degustabox has a joint offer on for all Degustabox users with American Soda which has a huge range of all types of American food! I could seriously spend all day browsing through their website. This delicious looking marshmallow creme being one of their products. I think it will be so perfect as s’mores sandwiched between digestive biscuits and chocolate mm, less messier than using melted marshmallows too. I’m particularly looking forward to testing it out in some baking, it could be a delicious addition to cakes and biscuits! I was also surprised how cheap this pot was as the American shop I have in my town charge ridiculous prices for imported items.

Alpha bites – £2.69 for the full size

Aww I just adore this little box, if anything I’m already in love with the product. I am yet to try these but I’m looking forward to testing these out as a little snack. They look like they might taste quite plain but nevertheless they look very cute and I wont judge them on their appearance!

Get buzzing flapjack – £1.30

I do love a good flapjack! They aren’t known for being the healthiest snacks but this one is targeted at providing a good release of energy. It is full of 100% natural ingredients and this one in particular had nuts and cranberries in it. I found that it was really tasty but maybe a bit too sweet, but as it states I can see why it is perfect for providing energy to the body for slow release throughout the day.

Bioche Pasquier pain au lait with choc chips – £1.60

Brioche Pasquier sliced brioche loaf – £1.69

I previously reviewed some Brioche Pasquier products in the August Degustabox which were delicious so I knew these would be no different. The chocolate chip pain au laits are heavenly, I’m already swiftly working my way through the bag, they make such a nice snack or a treat for breakfast. The sliced brioche loaf again makes such a nice change from standard bread, it has a slightly sweeter taste to it and it’s perfect with all types of jams.

Jelly belly beans – £2.50

So we all know what Jelly Belly is! The boxes usually contain chocolate of some kind so it was nice to spot these in the box. I love jelly beans, maybe not all the flavours but it’s a fun sweet trying to guess which flavour you’re having!

Dr Oetker extra dark chocolate – £2.49

Dr Oetker fine dark cocoa powder – £1.89

These could not have come at a better time, I seem to be slacking in the cake baking department lately so I will be putting these two to very good use this weekend, there may even be my first recipe on the blog if anyone is interested in that? Dark chocolate also happens to be my favourite, it’s technically good for you too, right?

Enhance drinks – £2.49

Again, I have seen this type of product popping up in the shops in the last year but have yet to test it out. I think it is such a great product for adding to your water, it is perfect for taking with you on days out and on holidays. You only need one squeeze of this into water which transforms it into a tasty drink. Enhance drinks come in 4 different tasty flavours too.

Bear paws – £0.55

Firstly, I absolutely love the packaging of this fruit snack pack, pink wins me over every time! You get five paw prints inside which contain no added sugar, they are the closest you will get to sweets but being healthy at the same time. They are the perfect size for lunchboxes too and definitely not just for children!

Benecol Greek Style – £2.40

This month they included the Degustabox fridge again which offers a voucher for a free full price chiller cabinet product. I had been unable to buy the last one they had as my store did not stock the item so I was thrilled that I was able to pick these up! I eat greek yoghurt most days anyway because it’s such a good probiotic for my stomach. These ones in particular have a unique cholesterol lowering ingredient in them. The pack comes in 4 different flavours including raspberry,strawberry,apricot and cherry.

This months recipe card is one of my favourites too. I’m definitely going to attempt a go at making the easy chocolate creme mousse, I can’t guarantee mine will look as good though…

Okay, so I know I say this every month but this really is my favourite box that I have reviewed so far! Degustabox just seem to out do themselves each month. The October box has every different type of food product that I could want, from the sweet to the savoury. With Christmas coming up too now I think it would make the perfect surprise gift for someone in your life, and for only £12.99 you really can’t go wrong!

If you want to see my previous reviews on their boxes just use the search box and enter Degustabox on the right hand side of my blog! You can also follow Degustabox on Facebook and Twitter for more information on their boxes.

They have also kindly offered all of my readers a £3.00 discount, just enter this code when registering: J2WIL

What do you think of this months box? Have you tried a Degustabox before? Would you like to receive a box like this each month?

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been sent to me for review. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own

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