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Makeup revolution has hit the beauty world by storm, an affordable, beautiful and well crafted beauty brand. Despite reading endless reviews on their products and admiring how pretty the items are I had yet to buy into the brand. Probably due to the fact that I rely so much on buying in stores like Boots where I can see the product first, my Superdrug also don’t stock them. Last week I couldn’t believe it when I found out that I had won London Beauty Queen makeup revolution hamper competition! To say I was over the moon was an understatement. Then a few days later this amazing hamper of goodies worth over £50 arrived at my door and boy was I excited to explore!

With so many gorgeous products in the hamper I wanted to give you a low down on all the different bits. I will then do individual reviews of these so you can see them swatched properly, I think it would have made this post very long else! Nevertheless I think from these pictures you can appreciate how stunning and beautifully packaged they are.

Blushing hearts

Triple baked blusher peachy keen heart £4.99

Triple baked bronzer summer of love £4.99

Triple baked highlighter £4.99

Out of the whole hamper, if I had to pick these would definitely be my favourite products, solely on looks. The packaging is flawless and could definitely be mistaken for Too Faced products, another brand that I absolutely love. Packaging probably is the make or break for me when buying new products rather than how good the product actually is, I’m sure we all do it! The compact sizes of these are great too, I have loved using the sleek contour palette for the last year so I’m ready to give these a go now! I have reviewed these in full here.

I heart makeup lip glosses £2.49 each

I actually prefer to use lip glosses over lipsticks as I find them much easier to apply and you don’t have to put so much care into it. I absolutely adore all of these colours. The nudes are my favourites and the darker berry type of tones are perfect to wear right now too!

What I especially love about these is the unique shape. I’ve never seen something quite like it but I think these are much better to store in bags and it goes without saying that the packaging of them is just genius!

I love makeup go palette £6.49

This eye palette is so dreamy, not only does it contain eyeshadows but also a contour blush, bronzer and highlighter! This will definitely be the type of palette which is perfect for taking away on holidays as it is multi use.

Go bronzer Chocolate heaven £4.99

I love a good old bronzer, it’s definitely the item I use all year round because I like to have that slightly tanned kind of look. I have used so many different brands of bronzers in the past so I’m looking forward to seeing how this matches up to that.

Brow kit i woke up this groomed £3.99

I tint my brows medium £1.99

I’ve been using the benefit browzings for the past 2 years and I literally can’t believe there is still loads left! I like how this one offers a few different shades for brows though as it’s really hard to decide on what colour when you just see what it looks like in a shop. This little tube of tint for your eyebrows has really intrigued me as I have never used anything like this, it might be worth checking out some reviews first, I don’t want to use too much of it at once, it might be a disaster haha!

Such beautiful packaging again. Thumbs up from me Makeup Revolution!

I love makeup heart sin – 16 eyeshadows palette £7.99

Seriously, this is the most stunning eye palette I have ever owned to date. The assortment of brights and neutral hued tones is fab. Looks wise they look like really rich and pigmented colours so I can’t wait to have a play around with this set. The mirror with the names of the eyeshadows is also a really good help and I like that it comes with an eyeshadow brush too.

I am naked £5.99

Maybe I’m boring but the only eye shadows I tend to currently wear are neutral tones and earthy colours so when I opened this palette and saw the collection of colours I fell in love. At first glance it could even be mistaken for the Charlotte Tilbury palettes which have a similar assortment of colours to this.

The palette also comes with a nude lipstick to match the beautiful eye shadows. This is the perfect day time look for me as I adore nude lips. Can’t wait to give this a proper test!

What can I say, once you’ve experienced Makeup Revolution in your life you never go back! I hope you love all of these products as much as I do, as I have said I will be reviewing these in full over the next few weeks so look out for that! I’m so excited to give these products a proper test out now.


Do you like makeup revolution products? Which products are your favourites? What product would you like to test out? Do you like the packaging?

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