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I am by no means an expert on hair care but I get asked a lot of questions about my hair and how I keep it so healthy when it’s so long. As well as the obvious how do you grow it so long?! There really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to growing hair, the main answer really is to persevere with it as it doesn’t happen over night. However, along the years I have found many wonder products and tips which I use to this day. Just bear in mind that everyone’s hair is different so I’m not saying that this will 100% work for each and every one of you but it will definitely give you a big help in seeking Rapunzel esque hair! Just to point out that my hair has not always been this long, I had a bob up until I was 16 when my mum finally stopped taking me to the hairdressers haha. What I’m saying is that your hair doesn’t just stop at growing at a certain length and not grow anymore, that really is just a myth, well I think so anyway. This is a long hair care post but really not one to skip, I hope it helps!


Its time I shared with you the main products and appliances that I have been using to maintain my hair. My hair is probably one of the things that I spend the most money on and you really do need to invest in good quality hair products if your hair is long as it really needs it. I don’t even use a lot of products and they range in price, but these are the main ones that I currently use and love!


The Cloud Nine Wide Iron – £116.95 Look Fantastic*

When you are growing hair I would limit the heat damage to your hair as much as possible as it can be really damaging. I sometimes go months without using anything which really helps. But long gone are the days that hair straighteners bear no difference to a normal iron. So many come with special features, and protective agents now that we really don’t need to be so scared about the damage they cause anymore. This is where the Cloud Nine Wide Irons* come in to play. I opted for the wide straighteners because of the amount of hair I have but they have lots of others which you can find on Look Fantastic. This is the only hair appliance you need, it can straighten, curl and flick. 


I love the packaging of these irons, and the little slogan really is true to it’s words. I just love how easy everything is about using these straighteners, especially if you’re like me and hate reading instructions! You switch it on and off on the inside of the irons and also adjust the temperature control on the opposite side. The temperature ranges from 50-200 degrees which is fab as you can change the heat depending on what style you are going for. If I’m just straightening I will generally go for 150 degrees or above.



This may seem like the smallest thing but this is the first pair of straighteners which have come with a heat guard. It is literally the best thing ever, it’s a protective heat guard which can be put on over the barrel once you’ve finished using it. It makes the product much easier to store too.


The straighteners also have a swivel cord so no more having to untangle it umpteen times because you’ve been curling your hair! My only small gripe about the overall design is when you shut the straighteners there is a little join. I’ve only ever used GHD’s previously and with their overall flawless shape I didn’t realise there was a catch which I jammed my hand in and which really hurt!! I should have been more careful but with the position of it I don’t think I can be the only one that’s jammed their hand in it!

Now you know how amazing the appliance and its features are, lets see the end result! 

I think the pictures speak for themselves really with how sleek and shiny my hair has come out. The straighteners also have revolutionary ‘secret’ plate technology which contains a unique, secret ingredient which gives the hair a shiny, natural finish every time you use the iron. I am literally so impressed with how shiny my hair did come out and it makes straightening my hair a much better and enjoyable process. Long gone are the days of having hair which looked like straw after using them. As a whole these are definitely my favourite hair irons to date. Cloud nine are actually made by the creators of GHD’s so you can see why they are so amazing! The whole design, extra products, the secret plate technology and really the ease to use them is fabulous, and investing in a good quality pair of irons really is a necessity if you want to protect and maintain the health of your hair. I used to feel guilty about straightening my hair but this has definitely made the whole experience much less guilt free for me!

Now you’ve got the low down on the hair irons I use its all about my top 6 products you need to be using!

1. Heat protector spray: This is a MUST if you are using heat on your hair, this one in particular protects your hair up to 230 degrees, it really does save your hair looking frazzled and if you’re using heat every day then it helps to reduce the damage slightly.

2. Hair masks: I enjoy these more than anything but they are great when your hair really feels like it needs some moisture added back in. I especially love the aussie 3 minute miracles ones but I use all sorts, Argan Dew, Mark Hill and Lee Stafford to name a few that I really like.

3.Dry shampoo: Okay, so this product won’t help your hair grow and improve the condition but everyone needs this in their life for the days your hair is looking greasy in between washes. Washing your hair every day isn’t good for your hair so this helps to keep it going! I usually wash my hair 3 times a week.

4. Detangling spray: If you have long hair you will experience a lot of tangles, as do all hair lengths really but a detangling spray is my saviour when I’m brushing it through at the end of the day. I’m currently using the Aussie one but I’m not too impressed with it. The one I strongly recommend is the Unite 7 seconds condition leave in detangler, it’s literally the best detangler ever and smells gorgeous. Detangling your hair first means less snagging and pulling out hair.

5.Moroccan oil: If it’s just one product you buy it has to be this one!! This product is a miracle worker, I started using this 2 years ago when my hair was really damaged. Not only does this nourish your hair and improve the condition over time it actually does make your hair grow. The initial price of £30 for a big bottle puts people off but one of these lasts me a whole year and you really won’t regret it when you see the excellent results from it.

7. Tangle Teezer: This brush which can be used pretty much everywhere and on wet hair. It doesn’t snag your hair like a wide toothed comb and it’s much easier to detangle your hair too, just an odd brush doesn’t cut it when your hair gets so long.

I literally sound like a sponsor for all of these products but I buy all of these myself and have been using them religiously for the last couple of years and I can honestly say my hair has never been in a better condition. You do need good quality products to maintain hair but they really don’t cost a lot in the long run. I hope you enjoyed reading my tips on how I have grown and maintain my long hair, I would love to know if you use any wonder products or have any other tips too!

Did you find this post useful? Have you used cloud nine irons before? What are your top hair products to use?

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been sent to me for review. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own

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