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Firstly I would just like to say ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! Unfortunately I still have to go to work but I’m on back shifts this week so I still have a lovely morning ahead of me and a birthday weekend planned. I will be doing a huge post on what I get up to next week! Anyway enough about my birthday it’s that time of the month again when the monthly food subscription box Degustabox* arrives, aka my favourite time of the month! At only £12.99 per month I think its such a great price for a lovely surprise box of goodies each month, what’s not to love?!


Each box contains 9-14 surprise food products. Opening the box is always my favourite part, on to what lovely treats I got this month…

Burts Lentil Waves – RRP £0.69 each

I love the original Burts crisps so I knew these would follow suit. These really do not taste like your average crisps which I guess is why they are only 99 calories but they taste so much better than ordinary crisps, the flavours are really strong too but if you’re not fond off strong tastes the lightly salted are a perfect alternative!

Bahlsen Pick up! – RRP £1.69 per pack

These are the most delicious biscuits that I have ever eaten, seriously!!The milk chocolate ones are not too dissimilar from BN biscuits but they are way better, the chocolate inside is delicious. The white chocolate ones are new and are probably slightly sweeter, they are perfect snack sizes for lunch boxes too. Always on the look out for new exciting products for my lunches!

Jordans simply granola – RRP £2.69

I developed a big obsession with granola in Finland and it’s just the nicest type of cereal to have. Jordans offers crunchy baked oats with a hint of honey so it’s really not that sweet, I love mixing it in with natural yoghurt too as it gives it a bit of natural sweetness without it being too bad for you.

Righteous salad dressings – RRP £2.19 for 3

I am yet to try these as I don’t really eat salads. But I can imagine that these salad dressings would make any salad really tasty as they are full of 100% natural ingredients.

Elizabeth Shaw Dark Chocolate mint thins – RRP £2.50

The chocolate offerings in the box are my favourite every month and if you love after eight mints and matchmakers then you will love these. I would say these are a slightly upper class version of the both of them and they are so moreish! They are also really thin so its a good excuse to have more than one…

La Vieja Fabrica Marmalade jam – RRP £1.59

This jam is all the way from Seville who are most famous for their fantastic Seville oranges. This marmalade has a lovely sharp, orange taste and is a perfect summery flavour which I love on some toast!

Little Miracles – RRP £1.59 per bottle

This is the product of the month and I can see why as these drinks are delicious!! It was my first time to have them but I have heard so many things about them recently. They are blended with organic tea and fruit juice with ginseng and acai making it a perfect pick up drink whilst being healthy too. They are available at most convenience shops so its definitely going to be a drink I turn to when I’m out and about!

Carnation cook with it! – RRP £1.65 per unit

I’ve also not used these before but I have used a lot of other products from their range. These are a cooking creme which are a great addition to certain creamy dishes such as quiches and soups. They also have half the fat of single cream and they are so quick and easy to use with your cooking.

Crabbies alcoholic fruits – £1.50

Crabbies alcohol free – £1.20

Ginger beer is my ultimate favourite drink!! The non alcoholic option is infused with lemon, it tastes like lemonade but has the distinct taste of ginger which is just so good, i love the packaging as well, its looks really fancy! My dad tried the alcoholic fruits and said that it was just as nice, it basically tastes like a soft drink which makes it so good and for me it seems like a much better option than fruit ciders. They come in three different flavours to choose from too.



The info cards, recipes and vouchers are so useful for the box as it really helps to find out more about the products and where to purchase them, as all of the items in the box are always new products to the market. I will without a doubt be using the vouchers as the Bahlsen biscuits were just too good!! 


Out of the three boxes I have reviewed this was by far my favourite box, probably because I loved almost everything! The biscuits,chocolate and drinks were my favourite and I’m praying that my local stores stock the Bahlsen biscuits as they actually complete my life! I have said it before but I just love the concept of this box with getting surprise food products to your door each month, there is also no contract with Degustabox so you can try it out for just one month if you so wish. With Christmas coming up I think it would make the perfect and different present for someone!

If you need anymore convincing as to why you need a food box in your life I also reviewed the July and August Degustabox! You can find Degustabox on Facebook and Twitter too! They have also kindly offered all of my readers a £3.00 discount when registering ,just enter this code: 4784593

Have you had a Degustabox before? Would you consider subscribing to this food box? Which products would be your favourite?

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been sent to me for review. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own

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