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It only feels like yesterday that I was writing my 21st birthday wishlist, with my 22nd birthday now fast approaching at the end of the month I thought it was about time I brainstormed some ideas. Now I’m older there really is nothing that I particularly want and I really do just prefer lots of little bits. An Olivia Burton watch is the main thing that I have been after, its so elegant and classic and it goes without saying that it’s a timeless piece. As well as needing my favourite nude lipstick Mac Hue to be replaced I have wanted a pair of Shu Emura eyelash curlers for a lifetime, I couldn’t bare to spend £20 on them myself so its a perfect item for a present.

In the fashion department I am adoring all of River Islands jackets etc and in particular I am after one of their gorgeous poncho/capes, like this one which would act as a perfect stylish cover up for the winter months. This adorable pineapple bra really is just needed because its SO cute, not sure what I would actually wear this with though.. Of course my blog has to be involved in some way with my birthday and I thought it was about time that I properly got organised and got myself a weekly calender to plan my upcoming blog posts, having cute stationery is a necessity after all!! I picked a few of the bigger things that I am lusting after but I equally need essentials such as bubble bath,lush bath bombs, body butters… just the whole works really! Just in case my family are reading this of course..*hint hint*

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! What do you think of my Birthday wishlist? Are any of these on yours? Do you have any of these items?

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