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I was so excited when the August Degustabox* hit my doorstep last week. I absolutely loved my first box which was the July Degustabox. The whole concept of getting surprise food products each month appeals to me too much, who doesn’t like food?! August’s Degustabox did not disappoint…


The box was bustling full of gorgeous food and drink products as well as the new bonus addition of the Degustabox fridge. The Degustabox fridge provides full value coupons for fridge or chiller items. You’ll have to wait until the end to find out what it was..


Mexican Daves – RRP £1.00

These are my new found favourite tortilla chips! I much prefer these to the artificial tastes of doritos and the fact that they are just lightly salted makes them perfect for an accompanying dip. There is nothing artificial about these as they are cooked in sunflower oil and they don’t leave any nasty tastes in your mouth for endless hours after either.

Brioche Pasquier Croissants – RRP £1.79

Brioche Pasquier Pains au Lait – £1.69

I’ve bought these before and I just love the brand. The croissants are delicious for breakfast with some sweet jam or equally as savoury for lunch/dinner. The Pains au lait are brioche rolls which you can enjoy with your favourite fillings. The croissants are definitely my favourite, they taste so buttery and I without a doubt will be repurchasing!

Caribbean Twist – £2.50

This was what was included in the Alcohol option box and its a delicious premade strawberry daquiri. I almost had to do a double take when I realised it was only £2.50!! I seriously didn’t realise nice tasting alcohol could be so cheap. I love the pretty packaging too.

Fever Tree Ginger Beer & Tonic Water – RRP £1.69 each

The Ginger beer and tonic water were in the non alcohol option box. The ginger beer is so tasty, you can clearly taste that the ingredients are all natural, the ginger tang is so strong and really hits the spot. I’m yet to try the tonic water but I’m expecting it just to be as nice.

Schwartz flavour shots – RRP 2 x £1.39

These flavour shots make cooking so much easier, by simply adding them to your previously plain food transforms them into a delicious meal which tastes like you’ve spent a lot longer on it than you have! These come in 8 different tasty flavours.

Cawston Press – RRP 3 pack £1.89

Berry White organic drink – RRP £1.59

I adore apple juice and this Cawston Press one with pear is a really nice blend. These carton sizes are also great for taking out for the day or putting in lunch boxes.

The Berry white peach and goji berry juice is a brand that I’ve not previously tried. Again it always helps me out when I know that the products have no added sugars or preservatives. Goji berries are seriously good for you too so this drink is a perfect addition to my fridge.

Lindt – RRP £3.49

Degustabox surely know that Lindt chocolate is the way to my heart! Lindt and Lindors are my favourite chocolates EVER. I absolutely love the little heart tin that they come in and the chocolates are individually wrapped in beautiful pink foil. They literally melt in your mouth and I found them very difficult to share!

Dr.Oetker Edible wafer cases – RRP £2.50

These edible baking cases are a new addition to the Dr.Oetker range and I just think that they are such a brilliant idea, quite surprised that something like this has not been done before. Not only does it mean you can eat the entire product but there won’t be any waste. Really cannot wait to test these out with some baking this week!

Degustabox Fridage – MOMA muesli multipack – RRP £2.99

I did try my best to pick these up before writing the post up but unfortunately my Sainsburys and Waitrose don’t currently stock it, but I am going to keep a look out as these look so good! The breakfast pots contain fruit,muesli and yoghurt and these would also be great as a healthy dessert.




Again as I mentioned in the July Degustabox I love the informative cards along with the recipes on the other side. Its a great touch and its nice to see where we can purchase these products in the future.


So there we have it! August’s delicious, delectable Degustabox. So many fun and tasty products of which most I hadn’t previously heard of. I love learning about new brands and helping out the smaller companies as I will definitely be back to repurchase some of these. Especially the tortilla chips, the Lindt chocolate and the brioche pasquier croissants! I also fully wish that this food box existed whilst I started uni as I really would have loved some products to my doorstep every month, its also a lot more sufficient than a tiny graze box!

Also Degustabox have kindly offered all of my readers a £3 off discount whilst registering,Just enter this code: MXXKQ

What do you think of the August Degustabox? Have you tried a Degustabox before? Which of these products are your favourite?

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been sent to me for review. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own

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