Sharing the blog love #1


This is a post I have wanted to incorporate into my blog for a while now. I read A LOT of blogs, and I love discovering new ones all the time and I also like reading over posts like this who share some of their favourite smaller bloggers allowing them the exposure that they deserve! I’m thinking if people like this type of post then it will definitely be a regular feature as I have recently stumbled upon many amazing lesser known blogs through twitter chats, social media and from readers on my blog leaving their link. Without further ado I want to introduce to four fabulous blogs that you may or may not have heard of before!

Effortlessly Excessive

I am SO glad I stumbled across Kirsty’s blog a couple of months ago. Curiosity took over when I realised she was living in Finland, if you didn’t know I spent a year on exchange there so whilst I’m still coping with the loss of the beautiful country I’m living my life through her and get excited at every lifestyle/travel post that she does. Her writing style is so witty and her posts always leave me laughing! You can also find posts about fashion and beauty, a really fab all rounder and I guarantee you’ll feel the same way about her blog! Her photography is also flawless too as is her Instagram, so many pretty pictures!

Blonde Of Carbs

I cannot praise Jessicas blog enough, she was one of the first bloggers I ever met a whole year ago on twitter and she is just the nicest girl you will ever talk to! I have been reading her blog since about day one and I have really seen it come on in leaps and bounds! Her regular posts always keep me coming back, bringing you the latest trends, her personal fashion, lifestyle and beauty and fashion, another great all rounder blog. I love the variety that she offers and I am so impressed that she always has different ideas for posts! As if her blog and herself wasn’t amazing enough she always leaves the nicest comments on all of my posts!

The Little Plum

I envy Chloes style SO much! She always puts outfits together so well, being the epitome of chic and simplicty. She has upped her photography so much in the last few months with a new camera and I always look forward to seeing her latest looks. She’s also started doing a few lifestyle posts which I love (I’m super nosey!). I’m the same with my blog really I do love posting my daily outfits but I love writing lifestyle posts too and I think its great that shes got the balance just right!

Sparkle and Stories

Last up is the amazing Sarah who is just the loveliest girl that I regularly speak to on twitter and the likes! She is so inspirational and from living with a chronic illness (unfortunately like myself) I can really relate to her trials and tribulations and love how she pushes on and writes such a lovely blog! Another blogger of a bit of everything I never know what she might be posting next which I love. Even though I’m a fashion blogger I think lifestyle blogs have to be my favourite and I love her posts like this, but shes a good all rounder and throws in some fashion and beauty into the mix too!

I am so glad to have met so many amazing and lovely bloggers over the last year but this is merely a tiny dip in an ocean. There are too many amazing bloggers out there that deserve recognition like this and I feel that myself included are often overshadowed by the super bloggers which I know many bloggers are all familiar with. Sharing the blog love is so important and I have so much more to give! I would love for you all to check out these amazing blogs. Please let me know if you liked this post and if you would like to see something like this again?

Do you read any of these blogs? Do you like posts like this? If you have done something similar please link me up!

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