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I hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend and enjoying the prolonged sunshine and warmth, its a little bit too hot for me, its definitely energy zapping but who needs to go abroad when the weather is like this! As promised i said on my Eastern Mediterranean cruise post that i was going to do a travel diary kind of thing showing you all of the beautiful places that i stopped off on whilst on the cruise. Naturally i had to start with my ultimate favourite place and which is probably the most gorgeous place i have ever visited on earth (such a huge claim huh?), which is pretty little Mykonos, a small and idyllic island off Greece. I think you’ll all be agreeing with me by the end of this post!

From the cruise ship it was a very short bus ride into the centre of Mykonos town, we could tell already that we were heading for utter paradise. I seriously cannot get enough of the perfect white washed buildings in Greece.


The small beach in the centre was just divine,crystal clear blue waters,glorious sunshine and a backdrop of white buildings, a totally picture postcard moment.


Mykonos town is like a huge rabbit warren, there are so many cute winding streets filled with cafes,restaurants,gift shops and homes! We never stumbled upon a street that we had been to before, you could wander through them endlessly.


 The flowers are so well placed across most of the streets, i really don’t know of a prettier sight!


 The cutest and smallest restaurants filled the streets of Mykonos.

I absolutely adored these hanging tea lights from the old trees, oh so pinterest! Definitely want to take this idea to my garden!


 A beautiful greek orthodox church.

You couldn’t turn a corner without stumbling upon beautiful cats, i was rather fond of this little ginger one.

 Dining with a view, wow!


 The cutest old windmills, at the top of the town

 We walked for miles this day and we stumbled across an idyllic beach setting, it was super windy this day which is why it was so quiet.


The most delicious ice cold chocolate milk that i have ever had, so refreshing! The restaurant also had free wifi,score!

The streets are bustling full of touristy shops and in no way are they tacky! I purchased a mini Mykonos lighthouse and some cute rings.

 I need to refrain from using the word cute again, but seriously their gelaterias are the cutest, i love the seats,the signage and everything about it!

 If Greece was a statue it would be this!


The stairs to the shop were amazing! Its such a true, motivational and inspirational quote and the setting of it is just so fitting!

Its true i do and i want to shout it to the world, I LOVE MYKONOS!

Being on a cruise is perfect to see a lot of different cities and also a taster of the place. I could definitely see myself living here, its just too perfect and so me. I just need to win the lottery right about now..

Have you fallen in love with Mykonos yet? Have you visited Mykonos before? Would you like to see more travel posts like this?

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