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Last Thursday I was invited down to my local Lush in Plymouth for their first ever blogger event! I was so excited as ever since I visited Lush for the first time I fell in love with the pretty smelling products lining the shelves, before Plymouth had a Lush it was always such a treat visiting the Exeter store and coming away with a bath bomb or something just as lovely. To think almost ten years later I would be invited to such a great event with the loveliest lushies and bloggers is just amazing.

We were greeted with the cutest cakes, percy pig sweets,Hotel Chocolat chocolates and elderflower drinks or tea, if Lush were to do an afternoon tea then this is what it would look like!




I had a little browse around whilst waiting for the rest of the bloggers to arrive. Lush really is just such an instagrammable shop. Lush is most well known for their bath ballistics, I don’t actually know a person who hasn’t tried one,except my dad maybe. Anyway, every time I shop in Lush I always tend to just stick to the bath bombs,massage bars or face masks but there is SO much more to the shop and I have been missing out on some really exciting,perhaps life changing products. The whole point of the evening was to educate us more on their product lines and they definitely did just that!


Adam (Lush Plymouth Manager) introduced us to the shop as well as some of the other lovely lushies who would be talking us though the products of the evening. There was 6 other local bloggers there, I already knew Sophie and Becky but it was lovely to meet some other locals. I loved how there was such a small number of us as it felt much more intimate and we could have an in depth chat with the staff.

We then moved on to our first product of the event which was Buffy, which resembles a square soap. It promises to exfoliate your skin as well as adding moisture back into your skin, almost an in shower moisturiser with the added benefit of it also being a scrub.

We got to see the main ingredients that go into the making of Buffy, I love how Lush use no nasty ingredients and its all quite normal things that we use in everyday use! Cocoa butter is one of the main ingredients in this bar which is one of my favourite smells.


Kayleigh demonstrated this product on my skin and I was amazed at how smooth my skin felt afterwards as well as leaving it feeling very nourished. This product is a winner in my eyes as I sometimes don’t have time to scrub,shower and then apply moisturiser afterwards so this two in one wonder product is the next on my wishlist!


I never thought I would ever get a chance to make my own Lush bath ballistic,I was so excited! Adam first introduced us to the ‘Big Blue’ bath ballistic and what ingredients go into the making of it. On a side note when you purchase a lush product it always says on the bottom who made the product. Adam clarified for us that every single product from lush is handmade by Lush staff,I have always loved the ethics of Lush and the fact that they are 100% against animal cruelty and do not test their products on animals. I even loved the story about how they have their own fisherman Pete in Poole who sources the seaweed that goes into some of their products,of course including the Big Blue bath ballistic!


Shortly after this I had a semi faint and had to sit out for a while (always me!) so I missed a bit of the demonstration, thanks again to the lovely Lushies that looked after me. By the time it got round to my go at making a bath bomb I had luckily perked up.


To make the bath bomb it required three simple ingredients,all laid out and ready for us. Because I missed the part beforehand I cant remember the ingredients exactly so bare with me haha. We first sprinkled a bit of the white powder (great technical terminology there!) into the mould which would become the top part of the bath bomb and we then had to scoop up the blue mixture as much as we could into both pieces of the mould and then shut and twist the mould tightly together getting rid of the excess mixture, and that was all there was to it! I cant wait to use this in a bath this week, it really looks like it resembles the sea and it smells lush,excuse the pun!


We then moved on to the African Paradise body conditioner which is a new addition to lush. This is a product inspired by all of the lovely smells and ingredients that are associated with Africa. We all got another chance to try out the lotion, I didn’t have any arm space by the time I left and it simply smelled amazing!


Adam had had a long day working at Lush so I think he was very much looking forward to his foot soak with the Stepping Stone. You may have already used or spotted this in your local store but it resembles the cutest blue shape of a foot, you can use this as a pumice to scrub away your skin or break off bits to use in a foot spa.


Lastly, we were introduced to the very new and exciting Lush Suncare range which has launched this summer! It comprises of some rather fabulous and unique products entering the Suncare market. I was most intrigued by the Sunblock which is a innovative block sunscreen and can be applied like soap in the shower,ensuring your body is fully protected by the time you step out. I’m not even sure a product like this existed before but its a fab idea for those with really pale skin and for holidays where you are out in the sun all day. The Sesame Suntan Lotion was another of the new additions and it smells exactly like peanut butter,it was amazing!


Next up was the Lifesaver sunscreen cream, the name for this was born after a man cycled across the country trialling this product and ‘lifesaver’ was the only way that he could describe the product,its guaranteed to be good stuff! I had a consultation with Kayleigh afterwards and I said how I always struggle to find a nice facial sunscreen which looks nice underneath makeup and not greasy,I know a lot of other bloggers feel the same way. Kayleigh immediately recommended the Million Dollar moisturiser as after applying it gives your skin a lovely shimmer which shows through your makeup giving a nice shine without it looking greasy,it also smells of honey/caramel which is heaven. I also got to take home a sample of this which I will be using as soon as we get a bit more decent weather!


Before the store closed we had some more time to mingle with the other bloggers and staff and enjoy yet more food and cute cups of tea! I wore an Urban Outfitters top,River Island shorts, River Island sandals and a Topshop flower crown (currently in the sale for £5!!).


A lovely picture of all of the bloggers and staff together at the end!

We all got to go home with the stepping stones, from a consultation with Kayleigh about the new Suncare products I got to take home Million Dollar moisturiser and of course our home made big blue bath ballistic,I cant wait to try them all out, so keep an eye out for some reviews very soon! Sadly the event came to an end but the Lushies are certain that there will be more events like this soon,which i really hope there will be as I had such a fun and interesting evening learning some more about some of the nicest products on the market.

Again i would like to say a massive thank you to the Lush store in Plymouth and all of the lushies that were there at the event and to the manager Adam for organising the event with lush digital. You wouldn’t have thought that this was their first event that they had done like this as it was so well organised and just generally amazing,but when you have staff as knowledgeable and passionate about Lush products then its going to be a huge success!

What do you think of this event? Do you like Lush? What are your favourite products from there?

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