Holiday Lookbook: #7

Top – DIY

Shorts – Zara

Necklace – River Island

Bunny ears bag – ASOS

Sandals – Topshop

So rather sadly this is the last in my holiday Lookbook series! I really am looking forward to shooting some OOTD’s again though when my new camera arrives! I wore this outfit when I was in Athens for the day, it couldn’t have been any hotter if it tried and the acropolis provided no shade at all which was quite unbearable! Anyway, I had to wear something that would be really cool to wear. Of course I had to wear the top from my DIY co-ord again which I absolutely love, seeing as I picked the fabric and made it myself there isn’t anything i’m not going to like about it. It goes without saying that it looks perfect with the white lace shorts. These were from Zara but i have seen so many copies of these on eBay for a lot cheaper which I wish I had known before, although they probably take about a month to arrive if they’re from China! I had to team it with my cute bunny ears bag which was perfect for carrying my camera and phone, I believe they still have the black one available on ASOS which is in the sale,go go go!

I really hope you have enjoyed my holiday Lookbook series, do let me know if you liked it and which your favourite look was? I’m just going to have to book another holiday now to do another series like this!

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