HOLI ONE festival comes to Plymouth!


HOLI ONE Colour Festival is a worldwide event and lucky enough for us it hits UK cities this year! The festival is running a 16 city UK tour (check the cities out here) with the Plymouth event taking place on Saturday 19th July at Newnham Park!

You may have seen the HOLI ONE festival circulating around various social media sites recently but I’m sure many of you are still thinking but what is this festival?! So, the festival itself is influenced by the original Holi in India which is a spring festival known as the festival of colours (although, these two are not related).

The HOLI ONE Colour Festival travels all over the world bringing people together to experience the music, dance, performance art and visual stimulation; providing an amazing and colourful time for all involved! Festival goers turn up dressed in white, and each hour everyone throws coloured powder, the idea of going in as a blank canvas and coming out in an array of different colours sounds awesome! 

This day festival provides such a quirky take on a stereotypical festival. The idea of this festival is simply amazing and I cannot wait to take part in it next week! Hopefully the pictures of previous events speak for themselves in just how colourful,bright happy and fun the festival looks, I’m really looking forward to getting some amazing snaps myself which of course will be covered in a blog post after the event!


What can only be described as a cacophony of colours, the pictures from previous events really are phenomenal and it’s only what I can imagine being inside a rainbow feels and looks like!

I’m even more excited due to the fact that A) I absolutely LOVE festival fashion and B) I have never been to a festival before. This is partly due to the fact that i have never been camping either, so being a day event means that this is the perfect way to ease myself into a festival, and what could be better than attending the HOLI ONE Colour Festival which I have previously heard so much about. As soon as I received the invite I already started planning outfits in my head as to what I could wear, so I’ve put a few festival style outfits together to anticipate the event!


1 / 23 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

My staple pieces are of course white, from the pictures I’ve seen it definitely looks best if your main body of colour is just white as the colour takes to it a lot better, the powder is meant to be washable but I won’t be wearing my most expensive clothing there. It just means it’s a good excuse to shop for something else! The two dresses are only around £5 making it the best choice for this festival as if it does get ruined it doesn’t really matter. As I’m working from a white outfit it means that I want to go completely overboard with bright accessories,think huge floral crowns,jelly shoes, oversized hats, bangles and neon nail polish,the possibilities are endless! A white outfit definitely doesn’t have to be boring!

If you are in Plymouth and fancy coming along (why wouldn’t you want to?!) then you can purchase your tickets here. Roll on next weekend and expect many instagram and twitter updates live from the event, if you are local, I hope to see you there!

Have you been to a HOLI ONE festival before? Will you be coming to the Plymouth one? Would you go to a festival like this? What would you choose to wear?

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