Summer bucket list

Over the last few weeks i have seen a few bloggers post about their own summer bucket lists and which i have really enjoyed to read. Every summer i say that its going to be the best one yet and before I’ve even remembered half of the stuff i wanted to do its fast approaching Christmas! Its been a challenging year for me and now that university is over and i’m on the lookout for a job i want to really enjoy the time i do have and to live for the moment, and when i do get a job i want to make the most out of every weekend instead of just lazing about,it is really easy to get into a rut at the weekends when you’re working. Without further ado I’ve complied a list of 20 things that i want to achieve this summer and i am really determined to make them all happen this year,enjoy!

1. Land myself a dream job – so this is definitely top on my list to achieve this summer, until then i fully plan to get lots of blogging done!


2. Say YES more – sometimes when i get asked to do things i just say no because im tired,nervous about doing something new or just plain tired, i plan to say yes more as i generally end up having the best time and experience new things when i do. Zoella did an amazing video called ‘just say yes’ which you can watch here.


3. Rediscover Plymouth and surrounding areas


4. Have a proper outdoor picnic in a park


5. Worry less and live for the moment – this is something i always strive to do, but life really is too short to worry about pointless things that we cant change, but we can change our future and live for the now!


6. Catch up with old school friends


7. Go strawberry picking


8. Eat out in different places and try new cuisines/foods


9. Buy a new car for lots of summer road trips – since I’ve been home from uni I’ve been searching for a new car so it wont be long until i can drive wherever the day takes me!


10. Be more spontaneous – i definitely plan too much which is in no ways a bad thing, but it would be great to get up one day and just say lets go to so and so today, spontaneity is apparently the key to happiness!


11. Movie and sleepover night


12. Go camping or camp in my garden – can you believe i’m 21 and have never been camping, admittedly it isnt quite my style but i need to say i’ve done it at least once!


13. Roast marshmallows


14. Go to a festival – still something i have never done but always wanted to do, even if its a day festival i would love to go!


15. Host a come dine with me night – i’ve spent pretty much the last 3 years at univeristy watching this and dinner date so i think its about time i gave it a go myself and its a bit of fun!


16. Plan something different for every weekend,however small – James and i are back to being in a long distance relationship for the time being, the only good thing about it is that it makes the time together more special and it makes us want to try and do different things each weekend.


17. Go surfing again


18. Make a homemade afternoon tea


19. Do some more DIY clothes


20. Attend a quiz night


So, that’s my summer bucket list! Whatever you do this summer as long as you’re happy and healthy in my eyes that is all that matters! I have a real mix of things that i want to achieve this summer but i really hope and plan to do them all! I hope you enjoyed reading them, i would love to know all of yours too! Just a reminder i’m still on holiday so all tweets/emails and comments will be replied to once i’m home 🙂


What do you think of my bucket list? Have you made a bucket list? Are any of these on yours? Whats the top thing you want to achieve this summer? Do link me up if youve done a similar one, i love reading them!

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