River Island zebra print sandals



Zebra print sandals – £45.00

ITS LOVE! I’ve undeniably fallen in love with these zebra print sandals and they are not leaving my feet,ever! You may have remembered me featuring them in an ASOS wishlist a couple of weeks ago whilst they were offering a 25% student discount. Needless to say i made the most of it and whipped these babies up for £33,making a saving of £12! Its a good job i did as they are currently out of stock on ASOS and i cant find them on the River Island site anymore which is no surprise as they are gorgeous! Hopefully the do come back into stock though as ASOS are always offering discounts so i would never consider paying full price for anything on there anymore. 

The sandals themselves are just jaw droppingly amazing,look at them! I love the clashing animal monochrome patterns and the straps make them so easy to walk in meaning theres no sliding about. They are also my first pair of sandals this summer which have also not rubbed me ,hallelujah! They really are the most perfect summer sandals i could ever wish for and more!

Just a reminder that i am currently on holiday so all comments/tweets/emails will be replied to once i am home 🙂

What do you think of these sandals? Would you wear these? Have you bought anything recently from ASOS?

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