Swimwear wishlist

1. River Island / 2. Littlewoods / 3. Triangl / 4. thisisalovesong / 5. Primark £11  / 6. Asos / 7. Topshop / 8. Primark £11


I hope you’re all having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend! With my holiday coming up in the next month now i have started panicking as i still haven’t found the bikini or bikinis for me! Making a wishlist has actually really helped though and i am definitely going to be getting more than one of these (i already have number 1!) and hopefully it might help some of you if you are also on the lookout for the elusive bikini!


I’ve picked a selection all ranging in price so there’s something that could suit everyone’s budget. Firstly, i am incredibly impressed with Primarks bikinis this year. In the past i have never bought from there because i feel like so many people will end up wearing the same one as you on holiday, which to a certain extent will still happen but i’m happy to move on from this because they have done amazingly well! You can view their whole range here. Number 5 and 8 are my favourites though and for £11 for the set is seriously an amazing price, now i just have to hope they have my size!


Triangl bikinis are a bloggers dream, i think almost everyone owns one apart from me! The wet suit like material is a winner as it ensures that everything stays in place. The variety of colours and styles is brilliant, i just think its a little too out of price range for now sadly!


I’m absolutely loving River islands collection this year, i have already bought number 1 which i love! I never thought i would be one to wear a swimming costume on holiday but why not when its this neon and this amazing. I’m really becoming more aware of sun damage now too, as i am a tanaholic when it comes to holidays even if i can just protect my stomach that bit more i am happy! I also love number 6 which is also by River Island at Asos. All of the tropical prints are in this summer and the fit of this one looks really flattering.


Rounding up the last 3 bikinis, i never thought to look at the littlewoods sight as I’ve always associated it with older people but how wrong could i be?!Slap my wrists. A blogger pointed me in the direction of number 2 and i knew i had to have it (but sadly they don’t have my size :(), black will always be a favourite bikini colour of mine, but the cut is so flattering and sexy without being to showy. Number 3 is also a cute number, i love the sheer colour of it and its very different to standard bikinis on the market, i think you could get away with wearing this at the gym haha! Last up is number 7 the topshop beauty, I’ve never seen a bikini with  capped sleeves before which i think is so cute combined with the floral pattern, its a winner in my eyes! Now i just need to decided which ones to buy,decisions!


What do you think of my bikini picks? Which one is your favourite? What are your favourite places to shop for swimwear?

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