Top 5 favourite face masks

Facemasks are without a doubt my favourite part of my skin care routine! They are so relaxing, as well as offering lots of different options in improving your skin. I have tried my fair share in the past so i thought i would share with you my top 5 favourite facemasks with you from budget prices to fairly high end!

Montagne jeunnesse 70p

Montagne Jeunnesse hot chocolate – This mask is the cheapest out of my favourites and it can be purchased from places like Wilkinsons for a mere 70p, the most you expect to pay is 99p for these. Montagne Jeunnesse masks have been around for years and they sell a wide range of masks but this is by far my favourite. Its called a sauna masque because when applied to the skin it heats up and the fact that it smells so much like real chocolate is the real winner for me! The purpose of this mask is to cleanse your pores and i really think that the heat of this mask does help to bring the impurities out. As its a sachet its so annoying if you don’t use it all in one go, my top tip is squeezing it into an empty pot and you can then get at least 4 goes out of it!

Superdrug masks £2.59 | here

Superdrug Aloe Vera Mud mask – This has been one of the newest additions to my collection and is another firm favourite. They are really cheap again at only £ for this tube. I picked the de stressing facemask but there are also a few others you can choose from. I LOVE the slight lavender scent to it and it is really relaxing, although as its a de stressing facemask i think this one is more for pleasure than reaping any skin benefits. N.b check with the ingredients that you aren’t allergic to them because my boyfriend used this mask and his skin came out completely red which lasted for about an hour after using it!

Quick fix facials £4.99| here

Boots Quick fix facials anti blemish mud mask oily and spot prone skin – This is one of boots own brand makes and this comes in at £4.99. This is well worth the money and if i could liken it to any product it would be the origins clear improvement charcoal mask. They are both targeted at spot prone skin and they pretty much do the same thing, they also smell the same! The mask dries really fast so it can be drying on the skin, but if you suffer from oily skin its great for controlling oil production, it also contains salicylic acid which is renowned for helping to draw out spots,the tea tree oil also helps to treat the spots and prevent further ones in the future. For the money this mask is great and a much cheaper option to the Origins one!

Blackhead killer mask £14.95 | here

Blackhead killer peel off mask – This mask was and has been my holy grail. I reviewed it in full here in the summer. For those who don’t know i suffered from terrible acne last year, i was reluctant to go to the doctors because i don’t like taking tablets for things if i can sort the problem myself. These masks were the turning point at clearing my acne as because it is a peel off mask i really could see the masks taking out all of the rubbish that was clogging up my skin. You do notice a few more sports at the start but this is just getting rid of everything, within 1-2 months my acne had completely cleared up,i fully recommend this for people with problem skin.

Origins drink up mask £22 | here

Origins drink up mask – Last up is the most expensive mask i have ever owned,luckily i bought this on my boots points though so it doesn’t really count but its retail price is ! I also reviewed this in full here. This mask again is a miracle worker for dry skin,particularly in the winter. You only need to apply this to your dry areas of skin and it does not make your skin any oilier at all which was my first worry about using it. After the first use it adds so much more moisture back into your skin. I particularly like using this mask before a night out because it means no dry patches show up under my makeup and your makeup applies onto your skin so easily making it look flawless!

Well that’s my top 5 favourite face masks, i hope you enjoyed reading and that you all have a great weekend whatever you’re up to!

What do you think of my top 5 favourite face masks? Do you own any of these? What are your favourite face masks?

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