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I am a massive fan of Inthefrow and when i saw a post pop up last week saying she had collaborated with Trek America to offer readers a chance to win a trip of a lifetime on Westerner 2 and to blog your way around the West of the USA, i knew that i had to enter!

I’m really lucky that at only 21 i have already had some fantastic opportunities to travel, with holidays,Camp America and my exchange year spent in Finland, coming home was the hardest part because i realised that it was all over until i had another adventure planned. Now my final year of university is coming to an end and the feelings of wanderlust are definitely starting to set in. Why work when i can have fun travelling the world instead?! There really is nothing as exciting as experiencing a new place and culture for the first time.

So what would i pack for a weekend away? Well it really depends on what exciting place i would be visiting,whether i’m going for a weekend in a City, somewhere hot or cold, it really does vary as to what you need to take with you. So, i thought i would come up with some of my top essentials that you just cant go without packing when you have a weekend away and are suitable as to whether you’re on a desert island or in New York!

1. Camera + Iphone  Seriously, since i have had my iPhone it has completely changed my life, most probably because I’ve never been able to read maps and always used to get lost looking for various landmarks when i was away for a weekend. The inbuilt gps is amazing, it saves so much time and endlessly getting lost! Having all my social media apps at the click of a button is also perfect when you’re away and want to be able to update your status to wherever and whatever amazing thing you’re up to. Taking a camera with you in my eyes is also an essential, memories last forever as they say but taking pictures means you can reminisce in years to come and share them with all your family and friends too.

2. Guide book/language book Depending on where you’re going of course, but its always handy to know a bit of the language so  you are able to get by, for instance in some places they don’t speak much of English, in Russia for example we really struggled and a small phrase book was the best thing since sliced bread at the time! Picking up a guide book also helps so you can pre plan and make an itinerary to get the most out of your time away, especially if its only for a weekend. You can even get apps for your iPhone for phrases in lots of different languages, your iPhone is a multi purpose item that you just cant forget to take with you!

3. Comfortable shoes If you’re into fashion like me you’ll want to look stylish all the time but from my many painful experiences DO wear comfortable shoes because you’ll be able to stay out longer and do more things and you wont be in agony!  You also don’t even need to pack these, so that means more room in your bag for something else!

5. Toiletries We are all guilty of packing the contents of our entire bathroom when we go away but for a weekend less is definitely more! Pack the bare essentials and items that double up as other products and definitely buy mini versions of everything to save room or you can even decant your own into travel size bottles to save money.

7. Snacks & Water This goes without saying really! But it really is an essential and you never know where the nearest shop will be when you arrive so leave prepared, i always pack food as well just in case i don’t like the local delicacies!

8. Your Sense of adventure! Lastly, and probably the most important, be willing to try new things,until you step out of your comfort zone you wont know what you’re missing out on! This is one of the most important things to bear in mind when you’re travelling to get the most out of your experience.

I hope you enjoyed reading my entry, you can also enter for yourself, be sure to read up on the full instructions here first! The closing date is the 9th March,Good luck!

What would you pack for a weekend away? Have you been travelling before?

*None of the pictures are my own

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