Valentines Day Inspiration

With Valentines day fast approaching at the end of the week i have been spending so much time looking at inspiration on pinterest (nothing new there really!). It seems odd really that im not actually much of a fan of the big day and never have been,just some flowers and a card will do nicely! I just think it has become so commercialised and i think there shouldn’t really be a specific day to share the love, it should be everyday for sure! When i lived in Finland last year their concept of Valentines was spot on, it was more about spreading the love and showing that you care about your friends which is something that should be done more! But regardless to this whatever you are doing and with whoever i hope you have a lovely day, James and i will probably just stay in with some food and a film, i am far more excited for LFW the next day and spending the weekend there! Anyway, here are some of my favourite ideas for Valentines, i hope you enjoy!

Setting the scene

Get creative

Do some baking

What are your views on valentines day? How will you be spending valentines day? Do you like my pinterest inspiration?

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